Water award for Oasis

Oasis Dental Care has become the first dental corporate to be awarded a company certificate by Quality Water Specialists.

To win the certificate, Oasis practices had to monitor water quality and provide quarterly reports to QWS to verify they meet the required standards over a prolonged period of time.


For patients, the certificate indicates that all Oasis practices have dental unit water-lines supplying water of drinking quality. For the dental practice, it means they are compliant to the European Directive 96/83.


Richard Warren, a partner of QWS, which supplies infection control products, said his product, Alpron & Biofilm Removal System doesn’t just kill bacteria but also removes biofilm from the water lines. Alpron is now supplied to 12,000 dental chairs in the UK, including a large number in dental hospitals in the UK.


He said: ‘As Oasis expands its number of practices currently 167, so does the ethos of ensuring drinking quality water from dental units for their patients. For this they have the recognition they thoroughly deserve.’

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