Dear Doctor… Ronald Ritsco can help

Are you seeing wear and destruction that you can’t explain?

Are you seeing signs of potential occlusal trauma yet cannot identify the underlying cause?

Have you placed that beautiful smile design, only to have the patient come back just weeks later with a chip or fracture?

Do your patients have extreme clinical conditions that dictate a full mouth rehabilitation?

What does OCCLUSION have to do with the success of your practice? EVERYTHING!

It’s simply not enough to learn techniques and preparation design to practice exceptional dentistry. The vital understanding of occlusion and how it affects the longevity and strength of your restorations, the potential for relieving or causing pain, and dictating where the patients can function with an increase in vertical dimension is essential. Many institutes offer training that is multiple steps over the course of several weekends. Dr Ritsco has accelerated that process to bring you a two-day, power-packed, hands-on seminar.

The goal is to teach the fundamentals with hands on workshops and technology that will give the aesthetic dentist the tools to incorporate this essential knowledge into their practice the following Monday morning!

It will include:
• When to make major & minor occlusal alterations
• How to diagnose TMJ/Occlusal contact effects
• Understand the difference between CR and Neuromuscular philosophies
• How to spot signs of wear, severe wear and post-treatment triggers
• Recognise when and why to de-program a patient
• Learn the art of diagnosing, treatment planning and treating difficult cases

In addition to replicating the clinical experience by hands-on clinic workshop, participants will also have access to learn hands on the instrumentation that allows doctors to accurately diagnose and measure TMJ concerns.

Dr Ronald Ritsco works closely with Dr Hornbrook in the US and is the programme director of his courses at the Hornbrook Group. Currently, Dr Ritsco is in private practice in Houston, Texas.

Dr Ritsco is the author and co-author of several scientific publications and has been awarded multiple scientific and clinical achievement awards. He has lectured nationally, internationally and is currently a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American College of Prosthodontics, International College of Prosthodontics, American Academy of Implantology, and the American Academy of Dental Materials.

If you would like to hear more from Ronald Ritsco, make sure you book your place at ‘Ultimate Occlusion’, a three-day hands-on seminar that offers dentists and technicians enhanced skills for the determination of treatment positions for the asymptomatic and the symptomatic patient.

Dr Ritsco will be a one of the speakers presenting from the Hornbrook Group, alongside Mike Smith. To be held at Guy’s Tower, St Guy’s Hospital, London, the seminar is scheduled for 5-7 September 2008. To book or for more information, please call event organiser Independent Seminars on freephone 0800 371652 or visit

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