24/7 helpline support for mouth cancer patients

There’s a new telephone support helpline for mouth cancer patients, courtesy of the Mouth Cancer Foundation.

The helpline – 01924 950 950 – is a free, 24-hour, fully automated service that allows patients, carers and mouth cancer survivor’s access to a menu of services, ranging from requesting information to speaking to a volunteer.

The service will send an email of the recorded message requesting the service to the Mouth Cancer Foundation office for triage.

When there is a request to speak to a carer or survivor, a member of the MCF volunteer network will be contacting the caller at a convenient time of their choosing.

All requests for access to a professional counsellor received by the Mouth Cancer Foundation will be sent to the Cancer Counselling Trust.

The Mouth Cancer Foundation’s founder, Dr Vinod Joshi, said: ‘When people call a helpline they are often in a state of emotional crisis.

‘It takes courage and perhaps a state of desperation to phone an unknown service for help. The helpline should provide an invaluable service to those callers who are unable to access our online support group or wish to speak to a person.’

He added: ‘It will provide the sense of dignity that comes with being heard.’

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