Clinical trials test fish oils’ effect on gum health

A US health company is working with dentists and patients to study the effects of Omega 3 oil on inflammation and gum health.

The Maine Natural Health Company has developed OmegaMaine Omega 3 oil – an all-natural, high potency, liquid fish oil that has been formulated to decrease inflammation, the root cause of periodontal diseases.

Dental patients who participate in a three-month study of OmegaMaine’s effects will be able to observe their overall gum health improvement.

According to American Dental Association (ADA) figures, 75% of all Americans will develop some form of gum disease.

The Maine Natural Health Company was founded in 2005 by pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry executive Dr Jeff Leighton.

Dr Leighton said: ‘Inflammatory gum disease appears to respond very well to high dose OmegaMaine Omega 3 oil.

‘We formulate this high potency oil in Maine and locally our clients have reported excellent results in terms of reducing gum inflammation.

‘Inflammation and bone resorption go hand in hand. When inflammation is reduced, progression of peridontal disease slows or stops.’

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