August 2022
On demand: The importance of practising Slow Dentistry
Speaker(s): Jana Denzel, Miguel Stanley
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The importance of practising Slow Dentistry

This webinar will explore the four cornerstones of Slow Dentistry, and why this non-profit Swiss organisation is taking the dental world by storm.

It will discuss how some of the worlds most successful dentists are building successful careers around seeing fewer patients a day, ensuring safe, ethically driven treatment planning, proper execution, kindness, and having time to rest and focus on mental health.

Learning outcomes

  • The four cornerstones of Slow Dentistry
  • How you can be more successful by seeing fewer patients a day
  • How to build a successful practice
  • How to become a part of Slow Dentistry – the fastest growing dental network in the world.

To apply to become a Slow Dentistry Member please contact the General Secretary, Dr Huathaifa AbdulQader by emailing [email protected]

Speaker: Jana Denzel

Dr. Jana Denzel is a practicing dentist and an honorary global ambassador for Slow Dentistry. He is also the clinical director (CCO) of Manchester Imaging Limited, which aims to incorporate artificial intelligence into dental diagnosis. With being awarded Best Young Dentist – London for 2021/22, Jana is an example of how the four corner stones of Slow Dentistry play a pivotal role in improving the standards of care in dentistry worldwide.

Speaker: Miguel Stanley

Dr. Miguel Stanley is a world recognised leader in dentistry with over twenty years of clinical practice experience in advanced dentistry. He has lectured in over 55 countries, sharing his thoughts and views with dentists from all walks of life. He is also the founder and CEO of White Clinic based in Lisbon, Portugal and responsible for a large team of dental specialists focused on complex cosmetic oral rehabilitation.
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