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Could an antimicrobial mouthwash revolutionise your daily practice of dentistry?

With its total lack of toxic and cytotoxic effects, we explore how one particular antimicrobial mouthwash is set to become the standard ‘go to’ mouthwash across all fields of dentistry.

Learning outcomes:

  • To understand the challenges faced by mouthwashes of providing a balance between effective cleaning & microbial control and skin compatibility
  • To understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of some of the more frequently used types of mouthwash available to dentists
  • To understand why high purity hypochlorous mouthwashes provide an ideal combination of efficacy and safety.
  • To learn that not all hypochlorous is the same and that different methods of manufacture can actually lead to solutions which contain very different levels of hypochlorous content.
  • To demonstrate that Clinisept+ Mouthwash has been manufactured specifically to suit intra oral use – at a specific ppm and at a specific pH.
  • To learn about the experience of using Clinisept+ mouthwash in the surgery from some of the UK’s top dentists.
  • To see first hand experience of the outcomes of using Clinisept+ mouthwash.

Speaker: Ross Walker

One of the founders of Clinical Health Technologies, Ross is the driving force behind Clinisept+ and Clinisoothe – the pioneering and award-winning skin technology that has re-written the rule books in the aesthetics and medical sectors – and is now launching into the dental sector. Having consulted for the likes of Unilever, Disney, Airbus, Coca Cola, De-Beers and Ferrari, Ross is now dedicated to the science of skin healing, whether making a tattoo heal faster, or preventing a leg having to be amputated. A well-recognized face in aesthetics, he is passionate about innovation which improves the human condition.

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