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Mind the step: human, economic and societal cost of periodontitis. Is it time to revisit our priorities?

This webinar aims to:

  • To demonstrate the human cost of periodontitis from a patient’s perspective

  • To summarise the economic impact of periodontitis on the European economy

  • To explain how S3 level treatment guidelines work in the real world

  • To summarise the steps of periodontal care that are now the standard of care

  • To explain the ‘avoidance of doubt’ statement from the NHS Business Services Authority on phased periodontal care.

The objectives of this webinar are to ensure delegates:

  • Understand the human and global cost of periodontitis
  • Understand how S3 guidelines are developed and work
  • Can apply the stepped care pathway in practice
  • Appreciate the importance of gingivitis and the need to shift the care paradigm back to basics
  • How periodontal care can be undertaken in NHS practice.

Learning outcomes

  • Facing new challenges for periodontal science
  • The impact on individuals and the importance of staged intervention
  • Systemic risk factors and conditions affecting periodontal tissues
  • Implementing behavioural change requires a personalised approach
  • Simple recommendations that could be made available in relation to plaque management.

Speaker: Iain Chapple

Iain Chapple is Professor of Periodontology, Director of Research for the Institute of Clinical Sciences, and former Head of the School of Dentistry (2016-2020) at The University of Birmingham UK. He has written 13-textbooks and 35 book chapters. Iain awarded the Charles Tomes medal of the Royal College of Surgeons (2011) and the IADR Distinguished Scientist in Periodontal Research 2018. He is a practicing clinician with 35 years experience.

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This continuing professional development (CPD) activity fully complies with the CPD requirements of the General Dental Council. FMC certifies this activity for one hour of enhanced CPD in the subject of Mind the step: human, economic and societal cost of periodontitis. Is it time to revisit our priorities?

This CPD meets the criteria for the GDC’s development outcome C.

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