March 2023
On demand: Celebrating women in dentistry
Speaker(s): Linda Greenwall, Manrina Rhode, Dr. Martina Hodgson, Uchenna Okoye, Nishma Sharma, Angela Auluck, Kreena Patel, Lauren Long
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Celebrating women in dentistry

Dentistry in 2023 is a vibrant and increasingly diverse profession – but true equality is still far off. 

Throughout March, Dentistry has been sharing different experiences and stories of women right across the profession. From the experiences of technicians in a same-sex relationship and dentists juggling work and family, to therapists who have chosen not to have children. In this webinar, Linda Greenwall hosts a panel of leading female dental professionals to discuss being a woman in dentistry. Hear from:
  • Manrina Rhode
  • Martina Hodgson
  • Uchenna Okoye
  • Nishma Sharma
  • Angela Auluck
  • Kreena Patel
  • Lauren Long.
The discussion will cover a range of topics, including sexism at work, the key issues women in dentistry are facing and what needs to change in the profession.

Speaker: Linda Greenwall

Speaker: Manrina Rhode

Speaker: Martina Hodgson

Dr Martina is a multi-award winning dentist and practice owner. She is an Invisalign Speaker, regularly teaching and speaking on the subject, and Key Opinion Leader for Dental Monitoring. Martina recently gained the Postgraduate Diploma in Clear Aligner Therapy from the City of London Dental School, sits on the Private Dentistry Journal Editorial Advisory Board and regularly writes articles for the dental press. She is the co-founder of Inspiring Women in Dentistry, organising events, mentoring and support for women in dentistry, and her awards include Dentist of the Year (highly commended), Best Team UK, Best Patient Care and Practice of the Year.

Speaker: Uchenna Okoye

Speaker: Nishma Sharma

Speaker: Angela Auluck

Speaker: Kreena Patel

Speaker: Lauren Long

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