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When is it the right time to build a brand?
Are you thinking about building a new brand? This month, Simon Chard discusses when to get started and important tips…
Juggling a dental clinic and a start-up: a symphony of balance and growth
This month, Rhona Eskander discusses how to navigate running both a dental clinic and a start-up without compromising your personal…
How to create quality content with the three Ss
This month, Simon Chard discusses the key to creating content, and how it will create huge growth for your brand.…
What does it take to build a brand?
In the first of his new video series, Simon Chard discusses the crucial first steps of building a brand, including…
Dentistry’s Person of the Year 2022
Gaby Bissett speaks with Dentistry’s Person of the Year 2022, Dr Simon Chard, about perseverance, the rapid success of his…
Pärla – six months on from Dragon’s Den, what happened next?
We speak to Simon Chard about Pärla six months after the team appeared on Dragon’s Den…and turned down an offer.…
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Dental news you’ve missed this week
Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days… More than 70%…
Pärla Toothpaste Tabs appears on Dragons’ Den
Following Pärla’s appearance on Dragons’ Den recently, we spoke to Simon Chard and Rhona Eskander about the experience. Simon and…
Oral health
Do you offer a plastic-free, vegan and cruelty-free toothpaste?
When there’s a toothpaste option that is kinder to the planet, why on earth wouldn’t you offer it? Small things…
Oral health
Pärla – protecting teeth and protecting the environment
Dr Simon Chard, Dr Rhona Eskander and Dr Adarsh Thanki have created an eco-friendly solution to the plastic crisis of…
Oral health
Pärla toothpaste tablets – what are they and how are they helping the planet?
Simon Chard explains how he set out disrupting the toothpaste market, whilst also attempting to make a massive difference to…
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