Pärla toothpaste tablets – what are they and how are they helping the planet?

Pärla toothpaste tabsSimon Chard explains how he set out disrupting the toothpaste market, whilst also attempting to make a massive difference to the planet.

We formed Pärla toothpaste tablets out of a frustration with the existing toothpaste market. A frustration with single-use plastic. And a frustration with unethical and unnecessary ingredients and wanting to make a change.

Myself, Dr Rhona and Dr Adarsh all agreed to disrupt the toothpaste market after hearing about the extent of the problem. Around 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes go into landfill or the ocean each year.

Our core message is ‘designed by dentists to be good for you and the planet’. We are in a unique position as ethically-driven dentists. There was an opportunity to package a product sustainably, include natural ingredients, but importantly make it effective in protecting teeth from dental disease.

We saw many other ‘stylish’ and ‘eco-friendly’ toothpastes popping up. But they were all lacking vital ingredients, especially fluoride. As dentists we knew fluoride just had to be in there. Otherwise we would see a big rise in dental decay.

Pärla toothpaste tablets

Pärla is unique in that it is completely plastic free. The tabs come in a reusable glass jar with an aluminium lid. It is also palm oil free, SLS free, preservative free, vegan and animal cruelty free. Pärla contains fluoride and we make it in the UK by UK dentists!

It is available to purchase through a subscription online (with refills arriving through the letterbox in compostable plant-based bags), or in single-month supplies. Consumers can also purchase it from Pärla professionals in practice and eventually from retailers. The general public make their toothpaste purchasing decision after receiving advice from their dentist or hygienist/therapist. We have been so amazed and grateful for the response from the profession worldwide so far!

We know if enough people can make #onesmallchange away from a plastic toothpaste tube, then we can make a massive difference to the planet. This is our mission. It’s been an incredible journey with Pärla so far and we cant wait to see where it takes us!

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