NHS dentistry crisis

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NHS dentistry a top concern for voters, poll suggests
A recent Yougov survey has indicated that NHS dentistry is a top concern for voters in the run up to…
NHS in crisis
The profession reacts to the NHS dental recovery plan
Last week, the government announced the details of its NHS dental recovery plan. But what does the profession think of…
BDA slams ‘offensive’ claims that immigrants exacerbate the NHS dentistry crisis
The BDA says it is ‘appalled’ at claims from politicians that the NHS dentistry crisis is being worsened by immigrants.…
DIY dentistry ‘rampant’ across the UK, BDA warns
More than eight in 10 dentists have treated DIY dentistry cases since lockdown, a poll has suggested. The poll asked…
Thousands on waiting list for NHS dental practice
Some 8,500 people are on a waiting list for an NHS dental practice – and those trying to join will…
‘Hundreds’ of people queue for NHS dentist
After a dental practice in Norfolk announced it would be taking on new NHS patients, hundreds of people were reportedly…
Bupa to close more than 80 dental practices
Bupa Dental Care is to close, sell or merge 85 dental practices in the UK, due to the ‘national shortage…
‘Some children have never seen a toothbrush’ – concern increases over children’s oral health
A dentist who volunteers in schools has said that some children in Norfolk ‘have never seen a toothbrush’. Stuart McCance…
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