Minimally invasive dentistry

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Producing a minimally invasive, aesthetic outcome
Nishan Dixit describes a minimally invasive alignment, bleaching and edge-bonding case in which the patient was ‘elated and confident’ after…
Aesthetic dentistry
Endodontics 101 – endodontic microsurgery: a paradigm shift
In this Endodontics 101 column, Dr Sanj Bhanderi, past president of the British Endodontic Society, discusses minimally invasive endodontics, the…
Minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry – preparing for the future
Join Jeremy Cooper on Wednesday 14 September at 7pm as he discusses minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry – sign up now!…
Aesthetic dentistry
Dentistry – science or art?
For Dr Greg Finn, principal at Finn Dental Specialists in Beckenham and part of the Dentex community, you can’t have…
Minimally invasive restoration of an incisal edge defect
Sheng Fang and Feng Li present a case study illustrating how they restored an incisal edge defect with a minimally…
Minimally invasive dentistry in private practice
The term minimal invasive dentistry (MI) should be made redundant as this should be the normative philosophy of all dentists.…
Private Practice
Anodontia and minimally invasive preparation treatment
Alina Lazar discusses anodontia of maxillary lateral incisors. Anodontia is a genetic or congenital (hereditary) absence of one or several…
Squaring the circle: believe in the science for minimally invasive tooth restoration
Dr Mac explains why biomimetic restorative dentistry is so important when it comes to the cyclical nature of dentistry. Life…
Redefining dentistry – the benefits of silver diamine fluoride
Andrew Osafo talks about the benefits that silver diamine fluoride can bring to minimally invasive dentistry, treating hypersensitivity and its…
Treating white discolouration on upper front teeth
Richard Field discusses a minimally invasive treatment option for white spot lesions. 27-year-old female presented requesting an improvement to her…
Aesthetic dentistry
Do dental patients know what they want?
Dentists and dental professionals should be writing things that aren’t on the page and instructing dental patients what they need,…
Minimally invasive approach achieves aesthetic result
Ash Soneji, Best Young Dentist South West at the Dentistry Awards 2018, describes how he uses resin infiltration and direct…
Learn about minimally invasive dentistry with the experts
A one-day course on minimally invasive dentistry (MID) backed by King’s College London (KCL) promises to be the most comprehensive…
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