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The Mindset Expert – change your life with a successful side hustle
What are the benefits of a side hustle? This month, Mahmood Mawjee, the Mindset Expert discusses how you can get…
Private Practice
The Mindset Expert – the two traits of a great dentist
‘What kind of dentist do I want to be?’: This month the Mindset Expert reveals the key traits you need…
The Mindset Expert – poor mental health ruining your life?
This month Mahmood Mawjee discusses the importance of addressing mental health in dentistry and how dentists can build mental resilience…
The Mindset Expert – the entrepreneur approach – it’s all in the mindset
Mahmood Mawjee explores the mindset entrepreneurs take in dentistry and explains how you can get started today. Talking points What…
The Mindset Expert – don’t let difficult relationships make your life miserable
This month The Mindset Expert explores how to manage differing opinions amongst staff and patients. Many dentists will admit that…
Dental news you’ve missed this week
Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days… More than one…
The Mindset Expert – is growth in dentistry directly linked to happiness?
In the first of a new column, Mahmood Mawjee discusses mindset within dentistry and explains how to ensure you live…
Dentistry Show London: the profession unites once again!
Closerstill Media introduce the Dentistry Show London for 2021 and explain what you can look forward to this September. It…
Worried about litigation? It’s time to fight the fear
Mahmood Mawjee talks about the stress of litigation in dentistry and how dentists can mitigate the fear and the associated…
Controlling your emotional and mental state
Your mental state is the most important thing you can control in your dental working life. How do we learn to…
Create the life you want working in dentistry
Mahmood Mawjee explains how to go out and get the life you dream of working in dentistry. Hear more from…
Are you going through life, or are you growing through life?
Mahmood Mawjee explains how the problems we experience in practice and life can help us grow. Each and every person…
Concentrate on what you’re good at
Maybe you are an associate and want to become a principal but you’re worried about the jump. Maybe you are…
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