Controlling your emotional and mental state

Your mental state is the most important thing you can control in your dental working life.

How do we learn to control our ‘state’?

Sometimes, when you achieve great things, it’s because you are in a good mental state, and vice versa.

No matter what’s going on in your life, you can change your mental state in just one moment.

Changing your mental state

There are two key ways to change your mental state and the first is through what you focus on.

If you focus on what you don’t have and can’t control, you will be unhappy, depressed on anxious.

Likewise, if you focus on what you can control and change, you can control your state.

If you get a GDC complaint, you can focus on why, why did it happen to me, it’s not fair – or you can focus on what you can change and control.

You can call up your defence union and discuss what training you could undertake going forward.

The second way to control your state is your physiology.

The moment you stand straight, improve your posture and hold your head high you can feel better.

When things are going wrong, stand up, put a fake smile on and you will feel better.

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