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From engineering to implant dentistry – the unlikely career path of Andrew Fennell
While most dentists follow a more direct route, Andrew Fennell’s path to becoming clinical lead, and a full-time implant dentist,…
Prep. Click. Focus – easy access and clear visibility of the treatment site
The effective retraction of the lips and cheeks from the teeth is highly desirable during dental treatments. In adhesive bonding…
An intro to digital implant dentistry
Join Marcos White on Thursday 10 November at 7pm as he discusses an introduction to digital implant dentistry – register…
Implant dentistry
Avoiding surgical surprises
Aly Virani presents an implant case that highlights the current antibiotic prescribing trend and the importance of the appropriate use…
Clinical Dentistry
Implant supported prosthesis are screwed or glued – why?
Join Alan Banks on Wednesday 26 October at 7pm as he discusses implant supported prosthesis – register now. This webinar…
Implant dentistry
Complications in implant dentistry
Angela Cowell and Beatriz Sanchez-Inigo highlight the most common complications in implant dentistry and how to prevent them where possible.…
Clinical Dentistry
Implant Insights – ISQ devices: faff or functional?
In this month’s Implant Insights column, Morven McCauley assesses the use of ISQ devices, including their accuracy, cost and benefits.…
Colin Campbell on 25 years of implant dentistry
‘The first real commercial explosion of dentistry’ – Colin Campbell discusses the evolution of implant dentistry over 25 years and,…
25 Years of
South West Dentistry Show – don’t miss Aly Virani on waterless bone drilling
Aly Virani will take to the stage at the South West Dentistry Show on 2 July to discuss waterless bone…
South West Dentistry Show – Ramin Semsarilar on customer service skills
Making his first appearance, Ramin Semsarilar is attending the South West Dentistry Show this year – sign up now for free!…
Private Practice
Dentistry Scotland Show – Jameel Gardee making his first appearance
Jameel Gardee will make his first appearance at the Dentistry Scotland Show this year to discuss fully guided dentistry. Back…
Dentistry Scotland
How to learn practical implant dentistry – to improve your skills and build your business – with VSS Academy
VSS Academy explains why its Certificate in Implant Dentistry is one of the most comprehensive entry-level courses available to the…
Implant dentistry
Research update – implant dentistry and nicotine use
Implant Dentistry Today examines the latest evidence looking into the impact of smoking and e-cigarettes on implant treatment. Naseri R,…
Implant dentistry
The human factor – reducing stress in implant dentistry
Cemal Ucer delves into reducing stress and mistakes in implant dentistry. Typically, when considering implant failure, the academic literature focuses…
Implant dentistry
How to get started in implant dentistry
Jessica Maguire delves into implant dentistry, and explains what you need to know to get into the discipline. Implant dentistry…
Immediate implant loading backed by digital workflows
Jessica Maguire looks into incorporating a digital workflow in implant dentistry, and explains why there’s no time like the present.…
Implant dentistry
Have your say on implant dentistry to win £50 worth of Amazon vouchers
Take this short survey on implant dentistry and you could win £50 worth of Amazon vouchers. FMC is a specialist…
Implant dentistry
ADI Team Congress postponed due to pandemic
The Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) announces new dates for the next ADI Team Congress. Due to the continued third…
Implant dentistry
COVID-19 and dental implants: impact and perspectives
Curd Bollen, Yasna Najmi and Maher Almasri examine the influence of the coronavirus outbreak on the current and future practice…
Implant dentistry
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