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Nursing Matters – get your patients involved this Flossuary!
This month Gemma Forsythe discusses how and why to get your patients involved with Flossuary, the 28 day flossing challenge,…
Dental Nursing
Philips introduces a cordless Power Flosser
  Philips has released a new, cordless Power Flosser, which removes 99.9% of plaque. The interproximal cleaning device provides a…
Oral health
A swarm of shapeshifting robots can floss, rinse and brush teeth
Is this goodbye to toothbrushes? Research shows that shapeshifting microrobots can clean and floss teeth.   Researchers at the University of…
Should we focus more on public education about oral hygiene and dental products?
Amber Ojak questions whether dental professionals should spend more time publishing advice for the general public to access. As a…
Oral health
Dear Barry – talking techniques: creating a habit
Dear Barry, how can I motivate my patients to clean interdentally? The answer lies in patients developing the habit. Habits…
Over 2 million Brits haven’t seen a dentist in more than a decade
More than 2 million adults in the UK haven’t been to the dentist in over 10 years, new research shows.…
Oral health
The science of oral health
Waterpik explains how its water flossers can help to remove plaque. Modern dentistry is heavily based on science – only materials,…
Media coverage of flossing debate ‘highly misleading’, says European Federation of Periodontology
The European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) believes that recent media coverage on the efficacy or otherwise of flossing has been…
Oral health
To floss or not to floss that is the question
The recent headlines on flossing could do more harm than good, Michael Watson says. The silly season got well underway…
Evidence for flossing ‘weak’ and ‘unreliable’
The evidence for flossing is ‘weak’, ‘very unreliable’ and carries ‘a moderate to large potential for bias’, new research shows.…
Oral health
What’s the strangest item you’ve flossed with?
Earrings, crisp packets and a pen knife were some of the more unusual items used to maintain our oral health. That’s…
Oral health
Patients are lying about flossing habits to their dentist
More than a quarter of patients admit to lying about flossing habits to their dentists, according to a new survey.…
Oral health
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