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The trials and tribulations of returning to practice after COVID-19
With many in dentistry back in the practice, Amber Ojak explains how the COVID-19 experience has changed the way hygienists…
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Confessions of a retired dental hygienist
Mandy Monger discusses her time working as a dental hygienist and why she’s made the decision to step back from…
When COVID-19 struck – Steven Scannell as a new dental hygienist
Steven Scannell reveals the struggles he faced as a recently qualified dental hygienist in the COVID-19 pandemic. When we were…
Adventures in hygiene with Andrea Hung
Andrea Hung details her dental hygiene career from Venezuela to Manchester via Barcelona. When Andrea Hung came to England in…
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The value of a dental hygienist in managing and preventing periodontitis
Are hygienists being fully utilised in today’s practices? Claire Berry gives her top tips on how to refer patients to…
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How to unite the perfect dental team
Anna Middleton speaks to about why uniting your dental team as a workforce is so important in terms of…
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Healthy and happy
With the concepts of prevention and minimally invasive care here to stay, Faye Donald, a dental hygienist who strives to…
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Be a harried hygienist no more
Anna Middleton explores the need for dental hygienists and therapists feeling out of sorts to look at their motivating factors…
A third of adults have never visited the dental hygienist
Almost one third of adults in the UK have never visited a dental hygienist, new research from Tepe has shown.…
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New masters course for dental hygienists and therapists in development
The UCL Eastman Dental Institute is looking to develop a new masters course for dental hygienists and therapists. Based in…
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Empowering dental hygienists
Renowned dental hygienist Karen Walker is urging dental professionals to stand up and be counted, following the success of a…
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The role of dental hygienists and therapists
Michaela O’Neill, president of the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) asks are hygienists and therapists playing a…
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Dental hygienist moves mountains for mouth cancer awareness
Dental hygienist Gillian Fenwick has climbed Ben Nevis in a bid to raise awareness and valuable donations for mouth cancer.…
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