How to unite the perfect dental team

uniting a dental teamAnna Middleton speaks to about why uniting your dental team as a workforce is so important in terms of patient care as well as business success.

Now is the time

Why is now the time for hygienists to unite as a workforce?

Our role within dentistry as a DCP is so crucial. When we educate and motivate our patients to adopt good oral hygiene habits, we are not only ensuring longevity for their teeth but also supporting the work the dentist may have carried out.

More patients are opting for cosmetic procedures such as composite bonding and adult orthodontics. Being able to work as a team has never been more important.

With direct access having turned six on 1 May 2019, the increase in patients seeking our services is growing. I built my whole business model around utilising direct access to allow patients that freedom to access treatment. As a workforce, we are continuing to expand those services and to be able to work more freely.

By continuing to unite we can achieve further changes. I truly see the day that it will be compulsory for hygienists and therapists to be working fully supported with a nurse, to help us deliver the highest level of care to our patients.

What can dental hygienists and therapists (DH&Ts) do to support National Smile Month (NSM)? What will you be doing?

My passion has always been to get the correct messages out there to the public. To do this, my focus is currently on achieving more consumer-facing press. Also using NSM as the perfect opportunity to pique the press and public…

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