Adventures in hygiene with Andrea Hung

barcelonaAndrea Hung details her dental hygiene career from Venezuela to Manchester via Barcelona.

When Andrea Hung came to England in 2000, she hadn’t expected to stay so long. Now, after 19 years, she tells us about how she successfully established her dental hygiene career. And, the innovative way she is motivating her patients to stick to their oral hygiene routines.

‘I moved to Barcelona from Venezuela in 1996 with the hope of studying biology at the University of Barcelona,’ says Andrea. ‘While I was waiting to see if my application was successful, I decided to visit the UK to improve my English. My intention was for the move to be a temporary measure. Once I passed the written language exams and had a confirmed place at university, I’d return to Barcelona.’

However, while I was here I got a job as a dental nurse, which I really enjoyed. ‘A friend suggested I consider doing my degree here in the UK. By now, I had begun to settle, so I decided to drop my plan to go to back to Spain and apply for a place on a biochemistry degree course at Manchester University.’

The stars align

‘My original plan had been to work in research but by the end of the degree course I wanted do something more practical and felt my skills would be better suited to a people focused career. ‘An opportunity came along at the newly-established Greater Manchester School for dental professionals to study dental hygiene.

This seemed the perfect opportunity to combine my previous dental nursing experience with my scientific background and desire to work with people. I therefore joined the class of 2016, who were only the second batch of hygiene students at the university.’

My dental…

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