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‘Misleading’ and ‘unfair’ headlines about NHS dentistry
We need to stop playing ‘the blame game’ and get behind local and national initiatives to help promote better oral…
Calls for UK-wide ban on sale of high energy drinks to under-16s
The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD) has called for a UK-wide ban on the sale of high energy drinks for…
Oral health
Is a signed letter in the Daily Telegraph really the right way forward?
Publishing a signed letter in the Daily Telegraph isn’t the best way to get results, Michael Watson argues. On the day that…
Starting Well programme launched in England
Starting Well, a new innovative programme to ensure children receive better dental advice, has been launched by the Government. The…
Oral health
Some good news at last
The launch of the Dental Check by One programme is at last some good news for dentistry, Michael Watson says.…
Dental access figures for children highlight a north-south divide
A map of the UK has been created to show the different levels of NHS dental access for children aged…
Oral health
‘Dental Check by One’ national campaign launched
CDOs from England, Wales and Scotland, along with other major organisations across dentistry gathered today to launch the Dental Check…
Breastfeeding past two increases risk of dental caries in children
Breastfeeding increases the risk of dental caries in children if continued for two years or more, a new study has…
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NHS dentistry cutbacks
NHS dentistry cutbacks will continue well after the election, Michael Watson says. This week’s blog was to have been about…
COHIPB – England’s answer to Childsmile – is launched
The Children’s Oral Health Improvement Programme Board (COHIPB) has been launched in England to help combat children’s oral health issues.…
Oral health
Sugar tax – are you for or against?
Claire Stevens and Alun Rees argue for and against George Osborne’s plans for a sugary drinks tax. In his 2016…
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