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NHS dental treatments exempt from charges drops by a quarter
NHS dental treatments to patients exempt from charges has dropped by 25% over the last five years. Over the last year…
Uniting to find a solution
Representatives from the dental and care sectors met at the British Dental Association to discuss the findings of the Care Quality…
Care homes aren’t giving residents oral health care needed
The Care Quality Commission says care homes aren’t doing enough to ensure residents get the oral health care they need.…
Oral health
Third of healthcare fines – worth £188million – incorrectly issued
A third of healthcare fines, worth £188 million, were withdrawn due to valid exemptions, National Audit Office figures show. The…
New guidance on oral care for people with learning disabilities
Public Health England is publishing new guidance on the oral care and treatment for people with learning disabilities. Oral care…
Oral health
Government told to rein in its ‘increasingly aggressive’ approach to dental fines
The British Dental Association (BDA) has called on the government to rein in its ‘ increasingly aggressive’ approach to NHS…
Government launches investigation into dental fines
The National Audit Office is launching an investigation into healthcare penalty charge notices in Spring this year. It will be…
NHS dentists in England to receive a 2% pay rise
The Government has announced a 2% uplift in pay for NHS dentists in England from October. This move comes after the…
Homeless forced to pull out their own teeth
Around 15% of homeless people have pulled out their own teeth after being refused access to dental treatment. That’s according to research…
Oral health
BDA accuses NHS of scattergun approach to NHS charge fines
The BDA has condemned the NHS’s approach to fining patients as almost as many appeals are being won as fines…
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