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90 seconds with…John Makin
In this video John Makin gives his strangest experience in dentistry as well as his ambitions for the future of…
Dental news you’ve missed this week
Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days… Kimberley Finlayson: 1967-2020…
90 seconds with…Barry Oulton
Here Barry Oulton explains why laughing gas was his route into dentistry and what his ambitions are for the future.…
90 seconds with…Simon Chard
Here we find out more about Simon Chard and why he got into dentistry, despite being told never do what…
90 seconds with…Nilesh Parmar
We find out a little more about Nilesh Parmar and his life in dentistry. More about Nilesh Parmar In 2004,…
Implant dentistry
90 seconds with…Robbie Hughes
We ask Robbie Hughes what his strangest experience in dentistry is and what he gets up to during his downtime.…
Aesthetic dentistry
90 seconds with…Anna Middleton
Here we find out a little more about Anna Middleton and why she got into dentistry in the first place.…
Oral health
90 seconds with…Sara Hurley
Here we find out a little more about the chief dental officer for England, Sara Hurley. More about Sara Hurley…
90 seconds with…Chris Barrow
Here we find out a little more about Chris Barrow and what first got him into the world of dentistry.…
Private Practice
90 seconds with…Hanna Kinsella
Hanna Kinsella Hanna Kinsella is the principal dentist at Kiln Lane Dental. She feels passionately about providing the best possible…
Aesthetic dentistry
90 seconds with…Martin Kinsella
Here we find out a little more about Martin Kinsella and his life in and out of dentistry. More about…
Aesthetic dentistry
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