Dr. Nick Fahey

After many years working in Devonshire Place and Harley Street, Nick now works solely in Woodborough House, his referral practice in West Berkshire. Nick works as a specialist prosthodontist and as such, accepts referrals related to prosthodontics, as well as having a special interest in all aspects of dental implantology. As a pioneer in computer guided surgery, Nick has taught a generation of Dentists about guided surgery. He is particularly interested in all aspects of computer-guided surgery and guided surgical navigation for simplification of surgical placement of dental implants. Of recent interest is the amalgamation of 3D facial scanning and real time jaw movements into the implant planning process for complex cases. Nick has lectured, world-wide on topics such as computer guided surgery and virtual implant planning and currently has a book titled “Guided Surgery – Making Implant Placement Simpler” in publication for release early this year.

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