Dr. Anshu Sood

Anshu is a specialist orthodontist and the owner of 2 specialist practices – one fully private and one mixed practice. The private practice was opened less than 6 years ago but has utilised many technologies to make it the success that it is. As a Diamond Apex Invisalign Provider, virtual monitoring has allowed the practice to grow without requiring further physical investment in surgery space and workforce. This have been a fantastic tool for managing patient expectations, treatment progress and retention. In addition, Anshu is director of clinical practice at the British Orthodontic Society.  This role involves liaising with the stakeholders involved in the commissioning of NHS orthodontic services as well as other associated societies such at the BDA. She was previously chair of the Orthodontic Specialist Group and has been on the OSG committee for over 10 years. Whilst passionate about business development, she would always much rather be travelling the globe. A desire which has severely been limited in this current climate.

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