Envisage Dental: a natural partner for private clinics

Envisage Dental explains how Dr Brett Garner developed Serenity Dental to the highest standards possible with Envisage as its partner.

For almost two decades, Dr Brett Garner has built Serenity Dental into a five-chair high quality private dental clinic in Hampshire. His journey from being a local patient to becoming an associate, and then finally to practice ownership, is nothing short of inspiring.

After 15 years of ownership and developing the clinic to the highest standards possible, Brett decided the time was right to plan for the next chapter. With a desire to maintain clinic freedom as well as find a group that would support him and his team as well as removing administrative burdens, Brett decided to partner with Envisage Dental. After completing the sale last year, Brett reflects on his journey to date.

Balancing clinical excellence with business

Brett’s decision to partner with Envisage stemmed from a desire to focus on dentistry without the administrative burdens of practice ownership. Like many, he faced challenges balancing clinical excellence with the demands of running a business.

‘I got to a point where looking after payroll and looking after the accounts, I thought I can’t do this anymore and I want to get out of ownership but I am still young and I still want to work as a dentist.’

Brett was looking for a partner that reflected his values and would support him and his team to elevate the clinic to the next level whilst remaining locally empowered. Partnering with Envisage has relieved Brett of the financial and administrative burdens associated with practice ownership. The freedom to focus solely on patient care has rejuvenated his passion for dentistry, bringing joy and fulfilment to his professional and personal life.

‘I want to get out of ownership, but I still want to work. I talked to the representatives from groups and liked what Jon was saying.’

Collaboration over procedure

Envisage prioritises relationships and collaboration over process and procedure, ensuring that clinics remain locally empowered whilst learning from best practice and backed by a team of experts in operations, payroll, marketing, recruitment, compliance, finance, data analytics, HR, procurement and much more.

Due to our focus on private dentistry, high quality clinics feel we ‘get it’, and our colleagues are experts in private dental care. Our commitment to embracing each practice’s DNA whilst providing localised operational support resonates with colleagues across the group.

‘Envisage appealed to me because of their values fundamentally. They wanted to come into the practice to provide the office functions without telling me or my team or the other associates how they were going to do dentistry. One of the things that has been great about joining Envisage has been maintaining clinic freedom.’

Envisage Dental are focused on high quality private clinics who want to work in local partnership rather than central dictatorship. If you have a private dental clinic and are thinking about your next chapter, contact Jon Toh for a confidential chat on [email protected] or 077881436719.

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