Did you know up to 93% of dental professionals will experience work-related pain in their careers?

We hear from Anna Middleton who explains why loupes are critical when it comes better dentistry – but also when reducing work-related pain.

As a dental professional, you are aware of the risks that are inherent with practising. Loupes are a critical tool to help you achieve more, and can significantly improve your posture and reduce work-related pain. Whether you are focusing on improving the quality of your work, improving productivity, or taking care of your health at work, Orascoptic has a solution to help you achieve better.

Loupes reduce pain

The failure to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) costs clinicians $41 million annually in treatment fees alone.

If you aren’t already experiencing pain, it can be hard to understand. But studies show up to 93% of dental professionals will suffer from work related pain. This pain can be prevented with the right tools, like loupes. Loupes can significantly contribute to improved posture by allowing you to work at a distance that minimises neck and back strain. The ergonomic advantage reduces the risk of fatigue, headaches, and long-term health issues.

A study in Australia showed 83% of dental hygienists using loupes did not experience muscle pain. Their improved ergonomics, better working distances and more effective muscle use resulted in fewer side effects and less muscle strain.

Who are we?

At Orascoptic we are proud to be a part of helping you achieve better patient outcomes and prolonging your career. And we know, that choosing a brand of loupes is about more than just a high-quality product.

Hear more from Anna Middleton on some of the reasons she has chosen Orascoptic and why it’s important to invest in yourself, your patients and your practice with loupes.

Ready to experience the benefits of loupes? Book a demo today!


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