Multi-year repair coverage for equipment purchases

Multi-year repair coverage with DD

DD introduces its new multi-year repair coverage, giving you peace of mind when purchasing dental equipment.

Full-service dental repair and wholesale company DD has announced new two-year fixed rate service and repair contracts. These contracts have three plan variants and are intended to give dentists peace of mind regarding their equipment, as well as potentially saving them time and money. 

What plans are on offer? 

The plans are divided into three levels, with level one being the cheapest plan, but offering the least coverage. While these plans are for specific pieces of equipment in your practice (ie your X-ray unit), plans can be expanded to contain multiple pieces of equipment, offering discounted rates for subsequent pieces of equipment. 

  • Level one plans offer an annual service, calibration and function test for your equipment, as well as a service kit
  • Level two plans offer all the benefits of a level one service, but also an additional two engineer call outs
  • Level three plans offer an annual service, calibration and function test, a service kit, three engineer call outs, and a parts allowance.  

DD’s repair plans cover: 

  • Compressors 
  • Suction pumps 
  • Autoclaves 
  • X-ray units 
  • Dental chairs 
  • Decontamination revalidation 
  • Washer disinfectors 
  • Pressure vessel inspection 
  • Digital equipment.

How can I save money with a two-year repair plan with DD? 

Fixed pricing

These two-year plans guarantee fixed rates, meaning you’ll know exactly what you’re paying and when, no surprises. These fixed rates also can help you to save money against plans with changeable rates. 

Rapid response engineer call outs

With level two and three plans, your equipment will be protected in the case of an emergency. We have one of the largest repair and engineering networks in the UK. This means we can offer some of the fastest rapid response callouts in the industry, regardless of practice location. This quick turnaround minimises downtime in the event of a breakage to let you return to doing what you love.

We can aim for same-day response where patient treatment is impacted

If equipment breakage is impacting your ability to provide treatment, our engineers can aim to provide a same day call-out. This will help to give your practice an additional layer of security and allow you to keep treating patients. This service is only available to those with equipment covered by a level two or three plan.

DD offers discounts on multiple assets

When your plan includes multiple pieces of equipment, we offer discounted rates.* This means that if you have multiple plans for multiple pieces of equipment, you can consolidate them under DD. This serves two purposes.

Firstly, you will likely save money with a plan under DD. Secondly, rather than having multiple repair plans for multiple pieces of equipment, you will have one easy-to-track plan for multiple pieces of equipment. This may demonstrably cut down on admin, especially over two years, which would save you time.

DD has one of the largest national networks for multi-skilled engineers

With over 140 qualified engineers nationwide, four regional support centres and 80 engineering help desk experts, DD’s network offers in-practice support for practices across the nation. This can help save you money through providing faster turn-around times for repairs and servicing, reducing the amount of downtime your practice will face, and letting you get back to treating patients quickly. 

Smart scheduling with DD

When your equipment is being repaired by DD, you can also use DD services to schedule vital compliance training simultaneous to your repairs. Meaning you can make the most of practice downtime, keep your staff trained, and have less downtime overall than if you had tried to schedule compliance training and repairs separately. 

Expert repairs

When your equipment is serviced by DD, you can be assured that it will be repaired to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s standards. You will receive a condition report after each service, letting you know exactly what kind of condition your equipment is in. From there, DD’s life cycle asset management will help you to get the most out of your equipment, regardless of whether it is brand new or tried-and-tested. 

You can find out more by calling 0800 028 1697 or emailing [email protected].

*While rates may be discounted, adding more equipment to a plan increases the cost incurred.

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