Dentistry’s Guide to Dental Chairs
Last updated: 28th March 2024
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Dentistry’s Guide to Dental Chairs is a comprehensive look at the multifaceted aspects of selecting the best dental chair to suit you and your practice. It provides valuable insights into dental chairs available in the market and incorporates incisive input from seasoned dental professionals.

A dental chair is fundamental to dentistry; quite simply, a dental practitioner cannot deliver care without one. It is a hub for patient treatment and one of the most substantial investments a dental practitioner will make in their career, serving as the central focus in every surgery. Arguably, it plays one of the most vital roles in enhancing the overall efficiency of every dental procedure.

But the dental chair isn’t just crucial for safe and effective dental delivery; it shapes every patient’s perception of you and your practice.

Throughout history, the dental chair has been symbolic of dental fear and anxiety, and its appearance continues to have a significant influence. Once seated, a patient’s physical comfort remains paramount.

Dental chairs are also an investment in excellence and cutting-edge technology. They serve as a gateway for your dental practice to optimise productivity, broaden treatment options, distinguish your services and pave the path toward increased profitability.

Therefore, they assume a pivotal role in the dynamic landscape of UK dentistry.

Selecting the right one holds significant weight and is a purchasing decision that should not be taken lightly.

Dental practitioners must carefully consider various factors to ensure the optimal choice for themselves, their team and their patients. It requires significant capital investment and a deep understanding of how the dental chair you choose will guarantee long-term comfort for everyone involved.

We have looked at these driving forces that coalesce to influence trends – including dynamic digital additions, improved functionality, greater comfort and enhanced aesthetic appeal – so we can offer you a comprehensive step-by-step guide to making the perfect dental chair purchase.

With many thanks to A-dec for their support.


Dental chairs have evolved to become digitally driven, sleek treatment centres that prioritise patient comfort and user ergonomics in their design to enhance the overall dental experience to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction.

As in all areas of dentistry, dental chair design is constantly shifting to raise the bar in achieving improved delivery and excellence in patient care. Technological innovations, better awareness of the need for patient comfort and treatment confidence, new infection control measures, ergonomic considerations and broader integration with the digital landscape combine to drive the market.

Over the past few decades, the evolution of the dental chair has been marked by a notable transition – from simply a place where patients receive their dentistry to a sophisticated and comprehensive centre of high-end patient care and engagement.

In the 1970s, dental chairs were primarily designed with functionality and accessibility in mind. These chairs aimed to provide dentists with the tools and features necessary for effective dental procedures while ensuring patients could access the chair comfortably. The emphasis was on practicality rather than the overall patient experience.

As technology advanced, the 1980s and 1990s saw electronic controls and ergonomic designs incorporated. Dental chairs became adjustable, allowing for easier positioning for the dental practitioner and accommodating a more comprehensive range of patients. This period marked a shift toward making comfort a priority.

By the 2000s, infection control measures grew in importance. The design of dental chairs began to integrate features that facilitated easy cleaning and disinfection to meet stringent healthcare standards. This era also witnessed the integration of digital technologies, such as intraoral cameras and digital radiography, enhancing diagnostic capabilities and treatment planning.

The development of dental chairs in the UK has continued to prioritise patient comfort and technological integration. Modern dental chairs often feature ergonomic designs, noise reduction measures and improved upholstery for enhanced comfort. The integration of digital technologies has expanded to include more advanced imaging options, chairside computer systems and communication tools for a more interactive and informative patient experience.

The trajectory of dental chair development reflects a progression from functional and accessible designs to a more holistic approach. Other ideas dovetail with the basic principles of dental delivery to drive innovation.

Dental chairs have evolved into sleek treatment centres that prioritise patient comfort and user ergonomics to help improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

As innovation meets practicality, the choice of dental chairs grows ever more diverse and tailored. Many of the advanced functional capabilities pair perfectly with the latest aesthetic trends, with an array of upholstery colour palettes to match any practice’s branding, creating a stunning focal point for every surgery. These design advancements also help shape the future delivery of oral healthcare.

So, let’s explore what is available in the UK and delve further into the features that are a priority for forward-thinking dental practitioners and their teams.

What features does a dental chair offer?

Dental chairs should be designed to accommodate a variety of dental procedures. They should support different positions required for examinations, cleanings and more complex dental treatments

Dental chairs should be designed to accommodate a variety of dental procedures. They should support different positions required for examinations, cleanings and more complex dental treatments.

Reliability and sustainability

You are looking for long-term value for your return on investment, so consider where the components have been manufactured. Can the manufacturer ensure enduring quality and dependable performance? Manufacturers are increasingly considering the environmental impact of their dental chairs, incorporating sustainable materials and energy-efficient technologies.

More efforts are being made to design chairs with fewer disposable components, contributing to reduced environmental impact. And don’t forget to ask about long-term warranties.

Practitioner comfort

Dentistry is renowned for its demands on practitioners’ physical health, with back and neck strain a significant concern. A dental chair should be designed with these risks in mind, and your chosen manufacturer will place smart ergonomics at the heart of its designs.

A dental chair that helps prevent pain and stress should enable proper posture and form within a comfortable environment. Dental chairs should be designed with durability in mind while being able to adapt to evolving needs. They should be robust enough to withstand the unique demands of any dental surgery whilst delivering dependable, ergonomic solutions that have been honed over the years. Thoughtful design should, therefore, promote comfort and productivity.

Patient comfort

Dental chairs should also prioritise patient comfort and relaxation. This might include adjustable chair height and headrests, lumbar support and swing-out armrests. Dental chairs with pressure mapping, contoured surfaces and a virtual pivot back help ensure patient comfort and support throughout treatment. Additionally, quieter and smoother chair movements create an improved patient experience.

Easy-clean environment

Infection control should be a priority. Design considerations should prioritise easy cleaning and disinfection with seamless surfaces and removable components. Some models include anti-microbial or stain-resistant upholstery, which helps maintain a sanitary environment. Delivery systems should be designed to minimise the chance of cross-contamination.

Maintaining the purity of water used in dental equipment is critical for patient safety and infection control. Ask about their commitment to providing high-quality and safe products for practitioners and patients. Waterline cleanliness is fundamental to ensuring a sterile environment in dental settings, so look for designs that incorporate equipment that helps safeguard against potential infections and maintain overall health standards.

Innovative integration

Dental chairs should allow easy integration with dental instruments and delivery systems, providing a seamless workflow for practitioners. Dental chairs are now central hubs designed to accommodate multiple digital technologies. Integrated displays, touchscreens and intraoral cameras help to enhance diagnostics, allowing dental practitioners to share real-time images with patients. Many chairs now come with built-in units for delivery systems, curing lights and other tools, reducing clutter in the surgery. Integration solutions should be easily accessible and designed to accommodate evolving technologies effortlessly.

Easy communication

Communication is significant to successful treatment outcomes. Modern-day dental chairs operating in different positions help to facilitate a more holistic approach to the clinician-patient dynamic, allowing for face-to-face conversations and comfortable treatment. Additionally, dental chairs equipped with interactive features, such as patient education videos or entertainment options, help distract and teach patients during procedures to boost engagement and encourage patients to commit to treatment. Integrated communication tools facilitate better interaction between the dental practitioner and the patient, fostering a collaborative approach to treatment planning.

Brands and models of dental chairs

A vast range of dental chairs is available in the UK market to suit all pockets, patient bases and surgery sizes. Below, we list the key players shaping the market and highlight key considerations for practitioners’ choices. To navigate the vast landscape of dental chairs, let’s start by grouping them based on reputable brands and models. By visiting manufacturers’ websites and delving into customer reviews, you can gain valuable insights into the quality of their products, their features and the level of customer service they provide.

Searching for reputable dental chair manufacturers and suppliers can be crucial for quality equipment and customer satisfaction. While this list is not exhaustive, it is a valuable starting point for those exploring options.



A-dec dental equipment is renowned for reliability and quality. Most components that go into its dental equipment – everything from tubing to dental chair cylinders – are manufactured by A-dec. The company believes this is the secret to long-lasting, reliable equipment.

Smart ergonomics

A-dec dental equipment is designed with smart ergonomics to help reduce pain and strain while keeping everything needed at the user’s fingertips so they can work more comfortably and efficiently. From the thin backrest and headrest on the A-dec 500 dental chair to the precise manoeuvrability of the A-dec LED dental light,
A-dec’s ergonomic dental equipment helps dental practitioners maintain good form and posture.

Full support

A-dec’s authorised dealers, dedicated Territory Managers, and customer service representatives are an integrated team that collaborates seamlessly to drive remarkable success. Together, they’ll assist in selecting the perfect equipment, provide training for its optimal use, and guide you towards enjoying years of thriving, hassle-free practice with enhanced health and productivity.

Seamless integration

A-dec’s seamless integration keeps your equipment where you and your assistant can quickly and comfortably access it. No more getting up during a procedure or taking your focus off the oral cavity – because having everything at your fingertips is a more efficient way to practise.

A-dec dental equipment: designed with asepsis in mind

When protecting your water supply, there’s no room for compromise. A-dec dental equipment is engineered with a focus on asepsis. Keeping waterlines pristine is the priority. A-dec understands the need to ensure that your equipment is as well protected as your patients. From the easily refillable A-dec water bottle to the pickup tube inside the bottle, our equipment is designed to significantly reduce exposure to cross-contamination and the build-up of harmful microbial growth.

A-dec dental chair range

  • Ultra-soft start and stop hydraulic lift system provides ultra-quiet, smooth chair movements – a feature integrated to create a calm experience for your most dental-avoidant patients
  • With flexible dexterity options with the A-dec 500 delivery system, you can have it all
  • Everything about the A-dec 500 dental chair is designed to flex, form and adjust to your movements for all-day comfort and support.

When it comes to flexibility and convenience, the A-dec 400 works around its user with minimal adjustments. It includes:

  • Robust construction with contemporary styling
  • Seamless left/right versatility
  • Optimum long-term value that allows you to invest with confidence and ease.

Dental practitioners want a dental chair that allows them to continue working as they do, with nothing inconveniencing them, their team or patients. The A-dec 300 chair was designed with this in mind.

  • Integrate the features you want within the price point you need, allowing you to tailor every aspect of this package to operate the way you work
  • With your knees tucked under the ultra-thin, flexible backrest, you have excellent access to the oral cavity.

A-dec 300 Core

Designed to enhance patient comfort and practitioner efficiency, this chair ensures every dental procedure is performed with precision, ease, and comfort. The A-dec 300 CORE package includes essential components that will help elevate your dental practice. From the A-dec 300 LED light to the fully ambidextrous capabilities, this unit is ideal for every dental care provider and their team.

With its robust design, great access and minimal maintenance, all at an affordable price point, the A-dec 300 CORE package is set to provide a competitive solution that offers the usual A-dec quality that A-dec is renowned for.

Get the A-dec 300 CORE in a range of vibrant formed upholstery colours at an unbelievable price point! Click here to find out more.

I have no hesitation in recommending A-dec. I have an A-dec 500 and I wouldn’t considering selecting another brand. The A-dec 500 offers effective lumbar support and delivers comfort – ideal for long procedures.
Dr Hartej Singh
Owner of the Cosmetic Gallery Surgery in Battersea, London

A-dec upholstery range

The A-dec extensive upholstery range caters to every practice aesthetic. From bold, scorching shades such as Campfire and Vivid Punch to the wide range of serene blue tones. Available in soft, luxurious sewn upholstery and sleek, sophisticated formed upholstery.

Delivery systems

500 delivery system – experience the next level

Predictable, responsive, and intuitive. The A-dec 500 delivery system complements your every skilful movement so you can focus on what matters most – your patient. Choose from chair-mounted 12 o’clock, Traditional or Continental radius systems for a style that best fits your needs.

  • Deluxe Plus touchpad minimises the extraneous and dynamically displays only what you need when you need it
  • Your handpieces, ultrasonic instrument, curing light and intraoral camera are easily positioned and comfortably within reach.

300 delivery system – designed to anticipate

The A-dec 300 Continental, Traditional and side delivery systems were designed and manufactured with anticipatory features that provide solutions to combat the daily pain points that arise from a busy practice.

  • The pivoting, centrally mounted control head directs handpieces toward the oral cavity to minimise your movement
  • Self-contained waterline maintenance system that includes a two-litre water bottle, an innovative control block, tubing made with AlphaSan to slow down microbial growth
  • Effective waterline maintenance
  • A balanced flexarm with airbrake or manual height adjustment provides easy positioning and total stability.

Dentist and assistant stools

These offer ultimate comfort and support. The A-dec 500 stools offer a dynamic seating system that conforms and moves with the body.

Everything about the range is designed to flex, form and adjust to your every move for all-day comfort and support.

  • The contoured backrest on the A-dec 500 dentist stool cradles the spine, reducing strain and fatigue (optional on assistant’s)
  • Labelled paddles are easy to access for quick adjustments.

Iconic durability and comfort. For years, our durable seating solutions have been helping dental practitioners sit in a healthy, supported position.

The tilted seat design on the A-dec 400 dentist stool minimises disc pressure and adequately distributes weight to the feet, allowing for improved circulation whilst maintaining the back’s natural curve.

LED lights

Both the A-dec LED dental lights feature a touchless on/off sensor and auto on/off using chair presets to simplify asepsis protocols and minimise touchpoints. Explore the advantages of various mounting options for the A-dec LED dental lights — dentists no longer need to change how they work but instead allow A-dec equipment to enhance their work.

    • Innovative light distribution creates a uniform pattern to minimise shadowing and a feathered edge light pattern that reduces eye fatigue

    • LED bulb with an expected 40,000-hour lifespan that maximises light output

    • Cure-safe mode enables the dental team to work effectively at 23,000 lux illumination without curing photo-initiated resins.

    • Integrated with A-dec touchpad, control the dental light and set auto on/off using chair presets

    • LED bulb with an expected 40,000-hour lifespan that maximises light output.

A-dec appreciates that dental practitioners only purchase new dental equipment a few times in their career, so it always encourages healthcare professionals to visit one of its three UK showrooms (Bracknell, Nuneaton and Warrington) and experience the range for themselves.

During a private showroom appointment, dental practitioners can consult with their territory manager, who will provide expert advice and support from a wealth of knowledge in ergonomics, patient comfort and suitable installation design for your practice.

A-dec UK has a range of trusted dental equipment dealers across the UK who are always happy to guide customers through the A-dec product range and find equipment that best meets their needs.

Click here for your local territory manager and authorised A-dec dealers.




Anthos is Italy’s leading producer of dental chair units. On its website, it writes: ‘Anthos chairs and dental units ensure comfort and reliability for dentists and patients alike.’

As your dental chair is the centre of your practice, it is essential it is both comfortable for your patients and has flexible ergonomics to suit the diverse needs of your team. It is fundamental to making your practice as successful as it can be. It isn’t enough for a dental chair to be functional anymore; it must be exceptional. But that doesn’t mean it has to cost more.

Anthos offers a range of reliable treatment centres, each meticulously designed to meet specific needs and redefine the standards of excellence. Every budget, specialisation and spatial need has been catered for.

Whether knee-break L9, sliding A7, ambidextrous R7, or budget-friendly A5 and A3, Anthos ensures dentists always find the perfect fit.

Anthos dental equipment boasts safety, reliability and flexibility, meeting every clinical need and outstanding construction quality alongside ergonomics and versatility that is never compromised. The contoured treatment centre is designed to improve clinical access. Tailored to specifications, Anthos offers:

  • A compact knee-break solution
  • Enhanced integrated options
  • Improved patient comfort
  • Operating light colour temperature adjustment
  • Automatic hygiene systems.

A crucial benefit unique to the Anthos range is EasyCheck, a remote monitoring and diagnostics system that allows an engineer to dial into a treatment centre remotely for instant advice, diagnostics and remedial action. Not only is this a fast way to receive technical intervention, but it also has a far smaller carbon footprint.

Optional memory foam padding offers patients an enhanced wellness experience, particularly when combined with the unique pneumatic headrest. The optional sliding chair movement function, soft motion technology and slow mode combine to provide a calm and supremely comfortable patient experience.

A broad selection of integrated hygiene systems ensures workplace safety. This is also provided via automated systems to ensure:

  • Continuous disinfection that prevents backflow contamination of the dental unit
  • Disinfection of the dental unit water lines with antiseptic liquid
  • A flushing function for disinfection of the suction system.

All come with complete control of the sanitisation cycle progress from the operator’s touchscreen.

Anthos chairs integrate cutting-edge technology, from multimedia systems for enhanced patient communication to smart controls, voice commands, and advanced clinical functions. These features ensure an unparalleled user experience, meeting even the strictest clinical requirements.

There is seamless integration with the Anthos electric micromotor – a multipurpose, autoclavable, and brushless solution – incorporating:

  • Fluorescence-aided identification technology to detect any composite materials (FLUO)
  • An endodontic system combining a dedicated micromotor with an optional apex locator and reciprocating mode
  • Optional peristaltic pumps and surgical handpieces enable an implantology system with a unique torque curve function that allows constant monitoring of the torque the micromotor delivers.



Belmont treatment centres deliver comfort, style, efficiency and functionality in any dental setting.

Belmont chairs are available with seamless or luxury upholstery in three fabric options, ultra-slim backrest designs, synchronised, near-silent chair movements, double-density cushioning, foldaway/rotating and detachable armrest and foot controls for chair movements.

This popular treatment centre appeals to hygienists and dentists alike, with equal left- and right-handed compatibility. Voyager III treatment centres are extremely versatile and reliable, offering incredible value to all practices. By the nature of its ambidextrous design and outstanding ergonomics, it is both space-saving and very efficient.

Eurus series

Eurus embodies Belmont’s passion for bringing state-of-the-art products to dentists worldwide.

Innovative design features include a powerful, intuitive touch-screen, integrated chair foot controls and flexible lighting, all designed to maximise control, convenience and hygiene.

Available in a variety of delivery systems to suit your needs.

The Eurus S6 treatment centre delivers supreme comfort, advanced performance and contemporary style to enhance dentistry for operators and patients alike.⁠

With intuitive touchscreen technology, integrated foot controls and flexible lighting, Eurus S6 transforms patient care and treatment delivery for dentists.⁠

The overall length of the folding leg-rest chair and base-mounted table are significantly shorter than comparable units, making the Eurus S6 perfectly suited to clinics with limited room or to optimise space in every clinical setting.

The fully ambidextrous Eurus S8 demonstrates the highest quality derived from a long line of exemplary design and product engineering.

The Eurus S8 Holder Type and S8 Rod Swing and treatment centres are fully ambidextrous, enabling left or right-handed operators to feel equally comfortable with the perfect working set-up. ⁠Instrument layouts can also be configured either left or right-handed to suit the main dental practitioner, while switching from left-handed to right-handed operation takes less than 90 seconds.⁠

In keeping with all Eurus models, the Eurus S8 offers top-level specifications and feature-rich innovation, including the highly intuitive touch-screen, to bring a wealth of operating functions to the fingertips of the operator.⁠


Dimitri Mantazis is a dentist of some 17 years and interwoven into his desire for dental excellence is creating an environment that supports this caring and compassionate approach to patient health and the wellbeing of his staff.

I think the Belmont Eurus is amazing. I have worked on many chairs, and Belmont ticks all the boxes. It is, after all, the most important piece of equipment and a place where I spend all of my day
Dimitri Mantazis
Owner of Hove Dental Clinic

His recent development of a squat practice in Hove, East Sussex, reflects this mindset. Located in the heart of the town on the southeast coast of England, Hove Dental Clinic prides itself on an excellent level of service, unparalleled attention to detail and exemplary staff who ensure patients receive the very best dental care available. ⁠

To deliver this quality to patients and alleviate any apprehension, they chose the Eurus S6 to offer the utmost comfort and care.



Castellini’s passion for dentistry and dental chairs finds expression in the stylistic elements of its dental units. The company is committed to narrating a new tale woven with innovation, Italian flair, style, and reliability.

Embracing growth as an inherent trait of every narrative, Castellini acknowledges and fosters this aspect. Today, Castellini re-emerges to share the journey of its evolution, highlighting its dedication to project research and its adept fusion of traditional values with innovative approaches.

AREA dental chairs offer a seamless, precise and efficient workflow. Coupled with exceptional ergonomics, users can seamlessly integrate Castellini’s technological solutions to meet individual clinical requirements.

Puma Eli R embodies authentic versatility, catering to the essential needs of dentists. Its compact and highly manageable build and ergonomic features facilitate everyday dental work calmly and efficiently. This solution prioritises reliability and boasts intrinsic quality, making it a preferred choice for those seeking functionality and style in their professional equipment.

Puma Eli (Ambidestro) is known for its perfect positioning, suitable for any style. Its streamlined versatility and compact, light, and practical design make it ideal for right- and left-handed users. This dental unit maintains an essential streamlined style while ensuring performance that meets every clinical requirement of the dentist.

Skema 5 gives dentists the peace of mind they need to get through their working day. Designed to meet the needs of the most versatile dentists, the over-the-patient model is compact, ensuring operational comfort and providing new and appealing ergonomic solutions.

Skema 6 offers the most advanced integrated clinical features, empowering dentists to address diverse clinical needs, including specialist disciplines. Its cutting-edge technologies and exceptional ease of use assure practitioners of reliability. Tailored for versatile and demanding dentists, Skema 6 boasts a variety of configurations ensuring maximum operating comfort. With its technology and performance, it facilitates professional evolution.

Skema 8 presents comprehensive enhancements. Positioned as a revolutionary advancement, it aims to redefine the landscape of dental practices. Through its utilisation of cutting-edge technology and a completely revamped design, Skema 8 promises exceptional performance.

Dentsply Sirona


Dentsply Sirona presents a diverse range of dental chairs tailored to meet specific needs. Their website reads: ‘More than just a necessary piece of operatory equipment, dental chairs represent an investment in quality, technology and patient comfort. They are an opportunity for a dental practice to enhance efficiency and expand treatment solutions, differentiating the practice and clearing the way for profit growth.’

Dentsply Sirona offers three distinct lines of dental chairs: Axano, Intego and Sinius.

Designed to meet the specific needs of practitioners

    •  Streamlines processes, significantly enhancing treatment comfort, efficiency and reliability

    •  Delivers an ergonomic treatment experience with intelligent features, including Smart Touch, Smart Delivery Pro and Smart Control, that integrate to optimise workflows and safety

    • Regular software updates

    • The Ambient Light feature introduces subtle yet vibrant colours customised to complement a practice’s ambience

    • The large, graphic Smart Touch display simplifies treatment procedures, featuring an easy-to-clean glass surface

    • The chair’s dental components are the pinnacle of innovation and minimalism.

    • Award-winning compact design suitable for smaller spaces

    •  Ergonomic upholstery for patient comfort with a tilting backrest that mirrors patients’ movements and helps prevent discomfort

    • Integrated hygiene systems for easy maintenance and customisable infection prevention options

    •  Compact water unit with integrated fresh water bottle for consistent water quality

    • EasyPad user interface for effortless operation

    • TS or CS model options for personalised setup

    • Future-ready features with built-in network interface and USB port for integration that allow for new function additions and practice networking

    • Cutting-edge patient interaction with Integrated SiroCam F/AF/AF+ autofocus cameras that deliver high-quality images with user-friendly operation

    •  integrated ApexLocator on the EasyTouch and the integrated Torque Control ensure greater safety and a streamlined workflow during endodontic treatments

    • Flexible options for various needs and budgets.
    • Flexible comfort assistant element suitable for two- or four-handed treatments

    •  Available with an integrated, comprehensive infection prevention concept for efficient and safe hygiene processes

    • EasyTouch touchscreen ensures an easy and intuitive operation

    • Available as the TS model with hanging hoses or CS with whip arms.

    •  Designed and produced in Germany.
    • Fully functional treatment centre for both right- and left-handed operators

    • Designed with budget in mind, it offers excellent value for money

    • Compact, robust and ergonomic design

    •  High level of infection control

    • The complete water unit can be swivelled effortlessly in 15 seconds.
    • Ultra-compact

    •  Comfortable upholstery

    • Double-articulated headrest

    • Two-programmable treatment positions

    • Integrated four-way foot switch

    • ErgoMotion for increased patient comfort

    • Dentist’s element with manual parallel movement and five-handpiece holders

    • Available with Sliding Track, Whip Arm or Over The Patient (OTP) configurations

    • Intuitive operation with touchscreen technology and numerous integrated functions designed for time-saving and flexibility

    • Simplifies practice workflows with an integrated implantology and endodontic function

    • Integrated patient communication system designed to include patients in every step of diagnosis and treatment.



KaVo has been designing and producing treatment units for more than 100 years. Its legacy is built on innovation – it currently has more than 2,200 patents granted – and quality. All treatment units are made in its German factory to the highest engineering standards.

A KaVo chair is built on a robust electronic platform, offering seamless integration. The chairs have just one multi-functional foot control that controls the chair movement and handpieces.

Regarding ergonomics, the chairs are the only ones accredited by the AGR in Germany, which recognises how they support a healthy working posture. In short, the chairs don’t just help keep patients comfortable; they also take care of practitioners.


With six core models and numerous optional extras, whatever you’re looking for in a chair, there’s a KaVo for you.

From the award-winning ESTETICA E80 Vison floating chair with horizontal movement to the ESTETICA E30 ambidextrous model and everything in between, its chairs are custom-designed to suit dental practitioners and the needs of today’s demanding dentistry – as well as tomorrow’s – thanks to robust and future-proof features.


KaVo’s R&D team works closely with dental clinicians worldwide to design the treatment units. Every design feature benefits the dentist and allows users to work as seamlessly as possible, with no additional, unnecessary steps or workarounds.

The table-mounted delivery system ensures cables are kept off the floor, and the over-the-patient swing arm delivery system supports the healthiest working posture possible.

KaVo chairs can also be raised to allow dental practitioners to work comfortably while standing and are designed to give optimum access to the patient in any clinical setting.

‘KaVo chairs do things other chairs can’t.’

Sarah Howells, oral surgeon at the Royal Marsden Hospital

With its DVGW water system, there’s no need for water bottles to be monitored and refilled, as water is drawn and treated directly from the mains. The integrated and automated hygiene systems offer assistant hands-free rinsing and disinfection so they can continue with other work, adding efficiency to any practice workflow.

Sarah Howells of the Royal Marsden Hospital has used KaVo chairs for over 25 years. She says: ‘KaVo chairs do things other chairs can’t.’

Patient experience

The Trendelenberg movement on a KaVo dental chair means that the backrest moves independently to the seat, supporting a patient’s back and overall comfort in any position. The KaVo Original Upholstery and RELAXline premium upholstery are designed to support the patient’s comfort and position, whether their treatment is long or short.

Technological advancements

The beauty of a KaVo system lies in the full integration of the workflow – KaVo manufacture the treatment unit, the micromotor and the handpiece, so there’s no need for a patchwork system with external elements bolted onto each other. Three of its six models have colour touchscreens for optimised intuitive operation. The contactless KaVo 540LUX LED light has won awards for its design.

KaVo has its own multimedia system comprising a screen, intra-oral camera and chairside patient management software. Its intra-oral X-ray can be integrated into a chair, as can its surgical motors. Moreover, a KaVo chair is not just attractive on the outside.

As Matt Drieu of Drieu Dental Ltd, one of our most trusted technical partners, notes: ‘A KaVo chair looks as impressive on the inside as it does on the outside.’



Planmeca is recognised for its technologically advanced dental chairs with innovative features.

This dental chair has been built around five central themes – design, wellbeing, cleanliness, intelligence and evolution.

    • Compact and versatile design

    • Double-articulating headrest for precise patient positioning

    • User-friendly touch panel controls to offer a smoother workflow

    • Infection control is made easy with all essential functions neatly organised, integrated, automated, guided and recorded.

This is the modern classic of Planmeca’s dental unit range – a functional choice that combines ergonomic and practical design solutions.

    •  Equipped with a simple and intuitive touch panel that guides users and allows them to adjust all essential unit, instrument and infection control functions

    • It can also be operated directly from the foot control, leaving hands free

    • The balanced instrument arms guarantee an ergonomic workflow

    • The unit can also be equipped with hanging tube instruments

    • The interchangeable instruments and easy console movements allow the unit to be swiftly tailored to meet personal preferences

    •  A double-articulated headrest allows comfortable positioning of the patient’s head

    • Armrests can be fitted for additional support. The Ultra Relax upholstery, made of durable artificial leather and viscoelastic memory foam, guarantees extra comfort

    • Aluminium parts and an epoxy paint finish for ultimate durability

    • Seamless, powder-coated surfaces and automatic flushing and cleaning programmes meet the strictest infection control requirements

    • The side-lifting chair and small cuspidor base provide maximised legroom for the dentist and assistant, with the lean and narrow backrest design further ensuring excellent access to the treatment area.

This dental chair is small, swift and a true space-saver.

    • Allows both right- and left-handed dental professionals to work comfortably in any position in just 10 seconds simply by moving the instrument console − without moving the operating light

    • Equipped with an intuitive touch panel, the dental unit guides users in their preferred language

    • External infection control procedures are also easy to perform

    • It can be customised to individual preferences and upgraded with the features of the dental practitioner’s choice, such as an integrated intraoral scanner. This makes it a practical solution for all clinics where several dentists use the same dental unit and space is limited

    • The small instrument console can be positioned above the patient, making it easier to maintain an ergonomic position throughout the day

    • The unit’s swivel function can be used to make fine adjustments according to different preferences.

This is a sturdy yet elegant dental chair for ultimate comfort.

    • Offers ultimate comfort for both the dental team and patients

    • Medical grade motors inside the chair make movements smooth and silent, ensuring a quiet working environment for the dental team and a relaxing treatment experience for the patient

    • Built from durable aluminium

    • Upholstery comes in a wide range of fun and appealing colours.

Additionally, the Planmeca PlanID sign-in system allows dentists to access their personal settings instantly on any dental unit, helping clinics utilise their equipment flexibly since dental units no longer need to be assigned to specific users.



Midmark dental chairs offer unrestricted clinical access, premium patient support and unparalleled comfort. Their dental chairs include the option to reduce patient anxiety with the relaxing, spa-like experience of plush Ultraleather upholstery and the optional SerenEscape heat and massage system.

With its fully contoured back and specially designed lumbar support, the UltraComfort dental chair keeps patients supported and comfortable through even the lengthiest of procedures.

    • Ultra-comfortable patient chair with memory settings

    • Simple and intuitive touchpad controls

    • Programmable chair controls and a hydraulic drive system for smooth, quiet and precise operation

    • Integrated armrests

    • Patented chair-back design featuring a cast-aluminium back with integrated armrests that cradle the key patient support areas of the elbows and inner shoulders and are automatically positioned for unencumbered patient entry and exit

    •  Available in standard Ultra-Series Upholstery, plush Ultraleather or a limited-seams version of Ultraleather.

The Elevance offers next-level ergonomics, and its versatile design comes standard with programmable chair controls and a hydraulic drive system for smooth, quiet, precise operation.

    • Offers greater support, ease of entry/exit, and optimal access thanks to the thin, narrow cast-aluminium backrest and integrated armrests

    • Available in seamless Standard Elevance, plush Ultraleather, and a limited-seams version of Ultraleather upholstery

    • Electronic chair lock keeps users from repeatedly bending over to lock and unlock the chair

    • Intuitive touch controls for easy operation

    • Integrated technologies for streamlined workflow

    • Advanced ergonomic features for practitioner comfort

    • The Elevance Cantilever Forward design provides a great range of motion while minimising the floor space needed for full use.

    •  Exceptional clinician access to the patient with a narrower chair back and 40% thinner than our standard chair back

    • The patented chair-back design features a cast-aluminium structure with integrated armrests positioned with the back for unencumbered patient entry and exit

    • The UltraTrim Chair has programmable chair controls and a hydraulic drive system for smooth, quiet and precise operation

    • Patented chair-back design that features a cast-aluminium back with integrated armrests that cradle the key patient support areas of the elbows and inner shoulders and are automatically positioned for unencumbered patient entry and exit

    • Available in a seamless, plush Ultraleather and a limited-seams version of Ultraleather upholstery.



DentalEZ dental chairs provide exceptional comfort and flexibility for a superior dental experience. Their streamlined, ergonomic designs offer clear sight lines and better access to the oral cavity. With durable construction, inviting styles and a wealth of options, the chairs and equipment provide lasting value for a practice.

    • Simplified design for streamlined operation

    • Easy to use with straightforward controls and pre-sets

    • Touchpads on both sides of the backrest keep controls within reach

    • Adjustable height range suitable for standing and seated dentistry

    • 60° rotation allows optimal positioning for every procedure

    • The optional AirGlide feature allows for the repositioning of the chair in the operatory

    • Multiple upholstery options are available

    •  Compact footprint for space efficiency.

    • Naugahyde upholstery w/wide back for elbow support

    • Plastic toe guard 21”

    • Double articulating pinch-style headrest

    • Right/left patient access

    • Swing-down locking armrests

    • Hydraulic cantilever mechanism

    • Aluminium casting chair back, base, armrest and headrest

    • Emergency shut-off

    • 30-degree swivel rotation w/lock

    • Seat height: minimum 17” maximum 29.

    • Ultraleather upholstery with a wide back for elbow support

    • Plastic toe guard 21”

    • Double articulating pinch-style headrest

    • Thin back with full lumbar support

    • Right/left patient access

    • Swing-down locking armrests

    •  Hydraulic cantilever mechanism

    • Aluminium casting chair back, base, armrest and headrest

    • Emergency shut-off

    • 30-degree swivel rotation w/lock

    •  Seat height: minimum 17” maximum 29”.

    • Versatile and ergonomic design

    • Programmable chair positions for efficient workflows

    •  Easy-to-clean surfaces for infection prevention.

    • Advanced ergonomic features for practitioner comfort

    • Integrated technologies for efficient treatment

    • Modular design for easy upgrades.



According to their website, Chirana creates ‘reliable, design-attractive, ergonomic and innovative solutions to meet all specific customer requirements’.

    • Compact and versatile design

    • Easy-to-use controls for efficient operation

    • Stable and durable construction

    • Instrument capacity: Up to 10 instruments

    • Modern touch control with numerous useful functions and settings for tools and the dental unit

    • Attractive design and modular concept for flexibility and adaptability.

    • High-performance parameters.

    • Designed for lying patient in position

    • Versatile design suitable for right- and left-handed dentists

    • Options range from basic equipment to fully equipped unit with a spittoon block and OP light

    • Made from high-tech quality materials from the EU

    • Ensures reliable performance, long lifespan and minimal service and maintenance costs.

    • Available with five- or six-instrument dentist’s table

    • Emphasises high hygienic standards and stability

    •  Modern touch control offers various useful functions

    • Slim and appealing design

    • Maintains robustness and stability

    • Chair options are SK1-08 for comfort or SK1-01 for a slimmer profile.

    • Among the best-selling models of Chirana’s dental units

    • Features 5-instruments dentist’s table

    • Offers a wide selection of features and attractive design

    • Standard delivery in white; chair colour customisable

    • Compatible with dental chairs SK1-08 or SK1-01

    • Optional ‘static’ stationary version available

    • Also available with cart dentist’s table.

    • Reliable performance at a reasonable price

    • Represents the most economical design in the range

    • Dentist’s table options: 4-instruments or 5-instruments

    •  Standard delivery in white colour with a coloured chair chosen by the customer.



The Morita Group is a leading supplier in the fields of X-ray diagnostics and endodontics, and the product portfolio covers the entire spectrum of dentistry – from imaging systems to treatment units.

    • Compact design for efficient use of space

    • Integrated technologies for seamless workflows

    • Ergonomic patient chair with memory positions.

    • Versatile and modular design

    • Programmable chair positions for customised workflows

    • Integrated multimedia options for patient engagement.

    • Advanced ergonomic features for practitioner comfort

    • User-friendly controls for efficient operation

    • Integrated hygiene systems for infection control.

What to consider before purchasing a dental chair

While it’s crucial to be mindful of costs, it’s equally important to strike a balance by prioritising features and functionalities of a dental chair that are essential for your specific practice needs

Your budget

When purchasing a dental chair, one of the initial and crucial steps is establishing the financial parameters you can operate. Dental chairs come in a wide range of prices to suit all pockets, so knowing how much you are willing (and able) to spend will work as a guide – although dental chair manufacturers can usually accommodate most budgets.

Setting a budget streamlines the selection process and allows you to focus on options that align with your financial resources. It provides a practical guideline, preventing you from exploring options beyond your means or that may not fully meet your requirements.

Consider factors such as:

  • Your practice’s overall financial capacity
  • Financing options
  • The long-term value the chosen dental chair will bring to your clinic.

While it’s crucial to be mindful of costs, it’s equally important to strike a balance with the long-term benefits. A predetermined budget facilitates more informed discussions with suppliers or manufacturers, enabling them to provide tailored recommendations within your financial scope. Do consider the financing options that may be available to help you.

Your practice needs

Consider the unique needs of your practice, such as the type of treatments you offer, the number of practitioners who use the surgery, whether they are left- or right-handed, and any required features or functionalities.

Your patients’ needs

Patients come in various shapes and sizes. Chairs should be adjustable to accommodate multiple patient needs, including positioning for children, adults and people with mobility issues. Dental chairs are where patients spend significant time during dental treatments.

A comfortable chair can significantly improve the patient experience, reduce anxiety and increase overall satisfaction. This can lead to patient loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals. Patient comfort is a significant factor in the success of any dental practice – comfortable patients are more likely to return for future visits.

Dental chairs should be inclusive and accessible to a wide range of patients, ensuring everyone can benefit. For example, a knee-break chair in a small surgery prevents overcrowding and allows flexibility in accommodating different patient types.

A comfortable and adjustable headrest is essential for patient relaxation and positioning. It should provide neck and head support without causing discomfort. Modern dental chairs should minimise noise and vibrations during adjustments, which can significantly impact patient comfort and anxiety levels. Ergonomic and adjustable armrests and tray tables enhance patient comfort during procedures.

Upholstery, colour and design

The appearance and feel of a dental chair play a crucial role in the overall patient experience as much as the practice’s overall ambience. Whilst adequate padding and ergonomic design can enhance patient comfort, its appearance can significantly impact patient perception.

The design and colour choices reflect the clinic’s branding and professionalism, so a sleek, modern chair with coordinated colours can enhance first impressions. Calming colours, for example, might help alleviate anxiety.

A unique design or colour scheme can also set your practice apart, creating a differential that makes the patient experience memorable. This uniqueness can foster loyalty and encourage patients to return. But design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about functionality.

A well-designed chair ensures proper positioning for both the patient and the dental practitioner, enhancing the efficiency of procedures. Additionally, durable upholstery materials should withstand wear and tear, increasing the chair’s longevity.

The space available

Considering physical space when purchasing a dental chair isn’t just about fitting the chair in the room; it’s about optimising the entire workspace to ensure efficiency, compliance, patient comfort and space for future growth or modifications.

Dental chairs come in various sizes and configurations, so ensuring that the chair fits comfortably in your clinic or surgery is essential for functionality and ease of use. It should allow enough room for patient access and movement around the chair while accommodating other necessary equipment.

A well-planned space that integrates the dental chair optimally will inevitably enhance workflow efficiency. The layout should allow easy access to the chair, instruments and other equipment, minimising unnecessary movements during procedures.

Additionally, adequate space around the dental chair contributes to patient comfort – especially for those patients who may feel anxious or uncomfortable in a cramped or claustrophobic dental environment. A well-spaced area will create a more welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

The layout should also consider accessibility, ensuring the dental chair area meets the needs of elderly patients, people with disabilities, or children with parents/carers. Sufficient space might need to accommodate wheelchair access or another person besides the patient. Consider how the area will allow for expansion or adding new equipment if required.


Dental chairs should provide ergonomic support for the patient and the practitioner. Look for chairs with features that reduce strain and discomfort during procedures. Integrated ergonomic principles should provide optimal support and comfort for patients during various dental procedures.

Consider factors such as adjustable headrests, lumbar support and armrests to accommodate different body types and ensure a relaxing experience. Dental practitioners spend long hours working with patients in close proximity. An excellent dental chair is designed with ergonomic features that support the dental practitioner’s posture and minimise strain, improving comfort and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal issues.

Delivery system integration

Ensure that the dental chair seamlessly integrates with your delivery system, making it easy to access instruments and maintain an ergonomic posture during treatment.

Infection control

Choose dental chairs that are easy to clean and disinfect. Upholstery and surfaces should be resistant to water and chemical damage.

Durability and maintenance

Select chairs from reputable manufacturers or dealers who have an excellent track record. Choose products known for durability, reliable maintenance, and excellent support services. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the chair’s longevity and safety.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure the dental chairs comply with all regulatory standards and certifications in the UK, such as CE marking for medical devices.


Dental chairs have various features and options, such as programmable positions, integrated instruments and lighting. These features should enhance the dental practitioner’s ability to provide a wide range of dental services efficiently and effectively.

Durability and longevity

Investing in a quality dental chair means it is more likely to be durable with a longer lifespan. This can save money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent chair replacements or repairs.

Technology integration

Many modern dental chairs have technology integration options, such as monitors, cameras and digital X-ray systems. These can enhance patient education, treatment planning and overall practice efficiency.

Brand image

The quality of equipment and the overall ambience of a dental practice can significantly impact its brand image and reputation. A well-maintained, state-of-the-art dental chair can convey professionalism and attract more patients.

Compliance with regulations

Dental chairs must meet various regulatory and safety standards. Investing in a reputable chair from a trusted manufacturer ensures compliance with these regulations, reducing the risk of legal and operational issues.

Maintenance and support

Reputable dental chair manufacturers often provide good customer support and maintenance services. This can help practice owners keep their chairs in good working condition, reducing downtime and ensuring the smooth operation of the practice.

Resale value

Quality dental chairs retain their value better over time. If the practice owner ever decides to upgrade or sell the practice, having well-maintained, high-quality equipment can be an asset and may result in a higher resale value.

Dos and don’ts list when buying a dental chair

It is vitally important dental professionals purchase from reliable sources to ensure expert quality and efficacy of their products

The purchase of a dental chair is a considerable investment, and the ROI should suit your budget, style of dentistry, patient base and long-term plans. Take time to evaluate and select the best dental chair for you – after all, it will be the heart of your practice. Here is our tick-list of dos and don’ts before you make that all-essential purchase.

  • DO your research Look for reputable dental chair manufacturers, dealers and suppliers. Visit their websites and read reviews to learn about their products and customer service
  • DO gather multiple quotes Request quotes from various suppliers or dealers to compare pricing and package inclusions. Be sure to ask about any additional costs, such as installation and delivery fees
  • DO consider financing options Explore easier ways to pay for your dental chair, especially if you have just invested in a new practice or are growing a business
  • DO ask for recommendations Consult with trusted colleagues and fellow dental professionals for guidance and insights. They can share their experiences with different brands and models. Visit, or look through the dental journals – they often feature articles about surgery design and practice transformations and often include owners’ experiences of the various makes and models of dental chairs
  • DO read reviews Search for online reviews and feedback from other dental professionals who have purchased and used the dental chairs you’re interested in. This can provide valuable insights into real-world experiences. Look at social media sites and use the #dentalchair hashtag to search for relevant posts. Many of the UK’s dental journals include articles about the practice refurbishment experiences of colleagues, and they often mention their dental chair choices and why they opted for a particular make and model of dental chair
  • DO visit dental trade shows Attending dental trade shows or exhibitions can be an excellent way to see dental chairs and talk to manufacturers’ representatives in person. These events often offer special promotions or discounts
  • DO test a variety of dental chairs Whenever possible, visit showrooms or request demonstrations from manufacturers. Test the chairs to get a feel for their comfort, adjustability, and ease of use. Pay attention to features like backrest positioning, headrest adjustment, and armrest comfort
  • DO check warranty and after-sales service Investigate the warranty terms and after-sales service the manufacturer or supplier provides. A good warranty can provide peace of mind in case of issues or defects. And should the worst happen, how quickly can a service engineer get to you? A long wait could lead to cancelled appointments and disrupted (and disgruntled) patients
  • DO review additional features Consider the different features and options, such as integrated LED lights, instrumentation and chair-mounted delivery systems. Determine if these features are necessary for your practice
  •  DON’T ignore the BDIA recommendations Compliance and regulatory expectations shape clinical excellence in UK dentistry. The prudent purchase of safe equipment is significant, so dental practitioners must make it their business to check that their chosen dental chair complies with relevant standards and requirements. The British Dental Industry Association (BDIA) is the UK’s national trade association, representing and supporting the collective interests of manufacturers and suppliers of dental products, services and technologies. It plays a pivotal role in driving up standards to ensure the provision of quality oral healthcare – protecting patients and dental teams. The BDIA recommends buying products and services from suppliers that can be trusted. Is the price significantly cheaper and out of line with average prices? Where will the product be shipped from?Do you know the dealer well? Are the instructions available in English as well as in other languages? Have you checked the manufacturer’s official website for details, specifications and authorised dealers? Do the warranty terms seem vague, or are any fundamentals missing from the wording?Remember, when investing in dental equipment, especially something as critical as a dental chair, it’s crucial to prioritise safety and quality over cost
  • DON’T be tempted to buy from an unknown source Be cautious about purchasing cheap dental chairs from unknown manufacturers. Avoid compromising on quality, as it can significantly impact efficiency, comfort and safety. Quality dental chairs are designed to withstand the rigours of daily use in a dental practice. Cheap chairs may be less durable, leading to more frequent breakdowns and repairs. Investing in reliable, long-lasting equipment can save money in the long run by reducing maintenance costs and the need for premature replacements. Remember, budget options are available from the most reputable dental chair manufacturers
  • DON’T ignore the after-care Durability and ongoing maintenance are essential factors to consider – so is the availability of replacement parts. Chairs with a good track record for longevity and minimal maintenance can save you money in the long run. Frequent breakdowns and malfunctions could cost you dear
  • DON’T rush into a decision Ensure you thoroughly research all dental chairs on the UK market. Carefully evaluate your options and select the dental chair that best fits your budget, practice needs and personal preferences. Remember that your choice of dental chair can impact patient comfort and work efficiency, so take your time in making this critical choice.

Frequently asked questions

As you embark on your journey to find the perfect dental chair, here are answers to some common questions:

How much does a new dental chair cost?

The cost of a new dental chair in the UK can vary widely based on brand, features and specifications. A basic dental chair can average from around £5,000 to £10,000. However, more advanced models with additional features and integrated technology can range from £10,000 to £30,000 upwards. The final price can also depend on whether the chair has specific attachments, warranties or service agreements. Contacting suppliers or manufacturers for current pricing is best for an accurate estimate.

Can you buy second-hand/refurbished dental chairs?

You can find second-hand or refurbished dental chairs in the UK through various channels, including online marketplaces. But you’d be wise to source any dental equipment from reputable suppliers where you can verify condition and authenticity.
Some options include:

Specialised dealers Some companies specialise in selling new and used dental equipment. They might have a range of refurbished dental chairs available for purchase. Examples include Kent Express and Hague Dental Supplies.

Dental equipment auctions Keep an eye out for auctions that specialise in dental equipment. These might include sales from retiring practice owners or clinics upgrading their equipment.

Local Dental Associations or Networks Dentist networks or associations might have channels or recommendations for purchasing used dental equipment.

When purchasing a second-hand or refurbished dental chair, ensure it meets safety standards and regulations and inquire about warranties or dental chair servicing options—also, factor in the installation cost and any potential repairs or upgrades that might be needed.

How long do dental chairs last?

The lifespan of a dental chair can vary based on various factors such as usage, maintenance, quality of construction and technological advancements. A well-maintained dental chair can typically last 10 to 20 years or even longer.

Regular maintenance, dental chair servicing and timely repairs can significantly extend the lifespan of a dental chair. Upgrading specific components or technology within the chair might also be possible, allowing practices to modernise without replacing the entire unit.

However, technological advancements and regulation changes might encourage dental practitioners to upgrade or replace their chairs to keep up with new features or compliance standards. Proper care and maintenance are pivotal in determining how long a dental chair remains functional within a dental practice.

How do I service a dental chair?

Regular professional dental chair servicing is recommended to ensure optimal performance. Most manufacturers offer service packages for their dental chairs. Highly skilled engineers should regularly service dental chairs. Ask the supplier if they have an on-call option to avoid costly downtime.

Can I buy a dental chair that suits left- and right-handed practitioners?

Ambidextrous dental chairs, designed to accommodate left- and right-handed dental practitioners, are specialised equipment. Exploring specialised dental equipment suppliers or manufacturers catering to dental professionals would be best. Some popular dental equipment suppliers or manufacturers might offer ambidextrous chairs or have models configured for left- and right-handed use.
Ask about specific features and customisation options to meet your needs. Additionally, visiting dental equipment trade shows or conferences could be a way to see various models and discuss options with company representatives.

Where can I source a bariatric chair?

Finding specific products like bariatric dental chairs in the UK might require direct contact with dental equipment suppliers or manufacturers. Companies specialising in dental equipment, such as A-dec, Belmont or Dentsply Sirona, often have a range of chairs, including those designed for bariatric patients. You can contact these companies directly or explore their websites for product information and availability. Additionally, contacting local dental supply companies or distributors in the UK could help locate bariatric dental chairs or get information about where to procure them.


Selecting and purchasing the right dental chair requires careful consideration of ergonomics, patient comfort and best clinical practices. Investing in high-quality dental chairs improves dental practitioners’ wellbeing and enhances the overall patient experience and the dental practice’s quality of care. Making an informed choice that aligns with your specific practice needs and patient expectations to create a comfortable and efficient dental environment is critical.

This guide empowers dental professionals to make informed decisions when purchasing a dental chair.

By exploring the market’s diverse options, understanding crucial factors and gaining insights from experienced professionals, you can confidently navigate the world of dental chairs. Remember, it’s not about finding the best chair but identifying the one that perfectly aligns with your practice’s distinct requirements, elevating the dental journey for every patient it accommodates.

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