AlignerFlow LC – optimised workflow through fluorescence

We hear from Dr Neil Underhill, principal dentist at Smil Dental Practice, who explains why he uses Voco’s AlignerFlow LC material. 

Modern aligner therapy opens up new treatment options in dental and orthodontic practices. The spectrum of dysgnathia corrections and their implementation success is increased by means of attachments. The precise fit and shape of the attachments are elementary for this success.

With the new AlignerFlow LC, VOCO offers a specially developed composite that fluoresces under UV-A light and optimises the attachment workflow from production to removal.

AlignerFlow LC offers excellent adaptation in the template splint, high stability and abrasion resistance as well as additional fluorescence. This fluorescence, which only becomes visible under UV-A light, enables precise control of any excess or artefacts during attachment fabrication and later removal to avoid discolouration or patient discomfort.

Thus, even the smallest residues of AlignerFlow LC can be detected, allowing quick and safe removal, leaving the enamel untouched. 

High stability

Thanks to the specially adjusted flowability of AlignerFlow LC, the template splint can be filled precisely. Underfilling or overfilling – the latter impede the exact positioning of the template and thus the attachments – can be noticed and avoided.

After bonding and light polymerisation (10 seconds at 1000 mW/cm2), attachments made of AlignerFlow LC therefore exhibit the highest bonding values and durability. 

Due to a filler content of 83 % w/w, attachments made of AlignerFlow LC have high stability and abrasion resistance. As a result, the force introduced by the aligner splints is transferred entirely from the attachment to the teeth throughout the complete treatment. 

AlignerFlow LC is always applied with a dentine enamel bond. It is offered in syringes of 2 x 2 g in the shades A1, A2 and A3. The enclosed application cannulas (diameter 0.9 mm and 1.2 mm) support personal handling preferences, can be used for particularly fine attachments or for extensive application with lingual retainers. 

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