Dentistry’s Top 50 2023

Dentistry's Top 50 2023

Meet the people shaping dentistry’s brave new world, against a backdrop of change, challenge and disruption: introducing this year’s Dentistry Top 50.

Who are the people making a difference in dentistry? Who are the leaders, the innovators? Where are the unsung heroes – and who are the people wielding influence? 

The Dentistry Top 50 is back to answer these questions for another year. Read on to find out Dentistry’s pick of the profession for 2023. 

It’s a list with a difference – in that it is chosen by us – but with its principles intact. The Dentistry Top 50 is about finding those who are driving dentistry forward, and sharing their successes with the dental community at large. 

Rising out of crisis  

Today’s dental profession operates in a reality unrecognisable from even just a few years ago. Patients and practices have been rocked by social upheaval: Brexit, COVID-19, international conflicts, political tensions, the cost of living crisis. 

The list goes on and on, and dentistry is not immune to these pressures: while it may feel some more obliquely than others, the profession is shaped by the world it inhabits. 

But the response to these forces has been nothing short of breath taking. Across the profession, individuals have risen up out of these crises to demonstrate why dentistry in the UK is a force to be reckoned with. 

Whether its building thriving businesses, fighting fiercely for the oral health of those who need it most, or educating others to do the same, the passion and drive on show here has without doubt elevated the profession. 

Brave new worlds

Reflecting this new world in all its challenges and opportunities; its heroes and innovators, is no mean feat. The profession is a broad church, and there is more than one way to measure success. 

So, for the second time in its history, we have deviated here from the ‘usual’ Top 50 routine. We’ve put aside the public vote in the same way we did in the aftermath of COVID-19. We have taken advice from across the spectrum, canvassing the views of the dental public and our own contacts, but the list is ultimately Dentistry’s. 

In some ways, the new Top 50 is much as it ever was: a measure of influence and, to an extent, popularity. But it is also a recognition of other things, too. Innovation and drive; passion and belief. People who are shaping this brave new world, in other words.  

These results are the culmination of hours of discussion and deliberation from our entire team. We are sure that not everyone will agree with all our choices, but let us assure you that no name on here was chosen lightly. 

Welcome to Dentistry’s Top 50 of 2023.  

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This article first appeared in Dentistry magazine. You can read the latest issue here.

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