‘Very efficient and highly aesthetic’ – why I use Admira Fusion 5

‘A real game changer for me and my practice’: Dr Ash Soneji explains why he uses Admira Fusion 5 – and why it stands out.

We’re launching Admira Fusion 5 and what’s exciting is that we have a patient who has some failing amalgam restorations, and we’re looking to use this new version of the material on the patient to try and get a really nice functional and aesthetic result.

My name is Ash Soneji and I work at Queen Square Dental, Bristol. I’m really excited to present to you a new generation of composite material.

I’ve been using Admira Fusion 5 for a while. I’m super excited to have acquired the first box to be delivered to the UK.  I’m really excited to find out about this material.

I’ve been told that inside this box, I have everything that I’m going to need. The unique thing about this system is the cluster set shade, which I’m intrigued to find out a bit more about. I can effectively achieve all 16 Vita shades with just five cluster shades. I think that’s going to be a real game changer for me and my practice, and it’s certainly improved my workflow.

Very unique

Opening up the box, we can see we’ve got the instructions. I’m going to spend a while sifting through those a bit later. We’ve got the five different cluster shades neatly arranged, as well as nicely summarised on this card.

What is pretty unique about this is the property of the ceramic – it’s very unique to Voco. It will actually allow us to produce this amazing chameleon effect, which is something that I’ve been struggling to achieve with some of the products that I’ve seen on the market.

‘Easy to use’

Some of them talk about how this may be achievable with just one shade. But the science has shown us that that is actually impossible to do.

What Voco has ingeniously done is effectively produce these cluster shades, which allow us to give a whole range of shade – while still having all the great properties and all the research that’s been developed for years.

It’s actually an improvement on an existing product and I’m really excited to use it on a case which I enjoy.

A few things that have also changed about this is the curing time – I’ve noticed is 10 seconds. It’s still got all the great added properties of the ceramic resin matrix, as well as very low shrinkage – one of the lowest on on the market.

These are things that can help with reduced marginal leakage. The other thing I’ve noticed is it talks about how it’s got very low absorption of water. As a result, the longevity that this will provide with fresh restorations with regards to stain is something really unique about this.

That’s essentially what we want to provide for our patients – something that’s going to be biocompatible and something that’s going to provide longevity. But now we actually have something that is going to be highly aesthetic and easy to use. I’m looking forward to trying it on this case shortly…

After the case

I want to give you my final verdict on the product. I was super impressed. It’s definitely going to be part of my armamentarium going forward. I thought it was very efficient, very sculpt-able, highly aesthetic – that completely surpassed my expectations – and the patient loved all the data that we have on this product, as well as the biocompatibility side.

I think that it was very easy to convince the patient to have this product. Happy dentist, happy patient and happy nurse – so delighted with that!

For more information visit www.voco.dental/en/home.aspx.

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