Building smiles: Invisalign Smile Architect launches online


Align reports back from its Invisalign Smile Architect online launch, which introduced dentists from across Europe to its latest solution.

Invisalign Smile Architect is a facially-driven ortho-restorative treatment planning software that allows general dentists to integrate clear aligner therapy into their comprehensive treatment plans. It combines tooth alignment and restorative planning in a single platform.

In February, Align welcomed dentists from across Europe to the Invisalign Smile Architect online launch event, which provided a full overview of the new solution.

A combined approach

Invisalign Smile Architect combines facially driven and ortho-restorative treatment planning within the Clincheck 3D software platform, providing flexibility to address a variety of patient needs.

It assists dentists in designing an end-to-end approach for their patients, with minimally invasive treatment plans. These preserve the healthy, natural structure of the tooth. With the Clincheck in-face visualisation tool, dentists receive a facial rendering that they can use for treatment planning. Patients may visualise their smile after both Invisalign treatment and restorative dental treatment.

New features of Invisalign Smile Architect:

  • Restorative specific 3D modifications
  • A multi-layer visualisation – ortho andrestorative
  • Real-time treatment planning
  • Tooth mass analysis

Full overview of the Invisalign Smile Architect software

Dentists from across Europe attended an online launch event on 22 February for a full overview of the new software. Participants had the opportunity to learn from speakers about strategies and advantages of incorporating tooth alignment in multidisciplinary and aesthetic treatment plans.

Dr Kristina Baumgarten from Germany detailed her experience with Invisalign Smile Architect as part of the Invisalign Go portfolio. Dr Christian Bitar from France delved into Invisalign Smile Architect as a tool of the Invisalign System comprehensive portfolio.

The new software can transform digital treatment planning by providing dentists with greater flexibility, consistency of treatment preferences and real-time treatment plan access and modification capabilities. This enables dentists to plan the case with the end treatment goal in mind. They can work in harmony with the patient’s face, which delivers excellent outcomes while preserving healthy tooth structure.

A growing opportunity

Ortho-restorative treatment represents a growing opportunity for general dentists. It provides them with a single ecosystem for combined visual orthodontic treatment planning plus restorative dental care.

Integrating tooth movement as part of restorative treatments can deliver healthier and longer lasting outcomes. In fact, according to Align, 45% of all prosthodontic procedures could benefit from pre-treatment alignment.

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