Outsourcing can give you more freedom and focus

Outsourcing can give you more freedom and focus


Enjoy the benefits of digital treatment planning and manufacturing using the Smile in a Box system.

Outsourcing is practised in all industries, all around the world.

Can it be applied to dentistry? Absolutely. In fact, the decision to outsource can facilitate the delivery of an even higher standard of care.

Every successful practice needs to also be a well-run, profitable business. If it isn’t, it won’t compete in a market where people will simply switch if they can’t get an appointment when they want, with the clinician they want.

Outsourcing can free up precious resources, so you can focus on what more you need to do to help patients comprehensively, as part of an all-round exceptional service.

It can help you become more efficient from the first point of contact. Efficiency is highly valued and things that may seem small, like an email going unanswered for a couple of days, can be part of the reason why someone chooses to have their treatment elsewhere.

Perform well

Practice efficiency requires a dental team that is well-trained and knowledgeable, with everyone clear about the nature of their role and has enough time to perform it well.

If you’re a principal or practice manager, outsourcing can help you take even better care of those who work alongside you.

The retention and recruitment of talented staff, both clinical and non, is a key challenge faced by the dental industry and outsourcing can help in several ways.

First, it may remove the need to hire, so that you can maintain a smaller team and give them everything they need.

Quality materials and equipment, a comfortable and modern space to be in, opportunities for training and career progression… such things will not only boost productivity, but will improve job satisfaction.

Second, outsourcing to give you the competitive advantage mentioned above will mean they know you are committed to future growth.

Functional and beautiful

It will enable the team as a whole to tap into expertise, for better outcomes as well as an expanded treatment list.

Patient expectations have increased alongside the demand for more complex applications, also dentistry delivered in far less chair-time that doesn’t compromise a functional and beautiful end result.

People are doing their research and discovering that cutting-edge technology can be utilised to do incredible things swiftly, as well as solve dental problems that not too long ago, would have had to go unfixed.

Outsourcing means the freedom to complete some steps of the treatment plan in practice and take advantage of digital workflows outside it, without having to invest in new equipment, software and associated resources.

With implant therapies, selective outsourcing could mean you are able to offer the immediate-loading protocols that are so appealing, driving up acceptance.

To gain a new and improved smile faster, via a smooth and simplified journey, and at a predictable cost, this is the kind of experience that anyone investing in dentistry wants to have.


Outsource and get more time back to spend building relationships with patients; this is the rock on which good outcomes rest. These relationships will facilitate informed conversations, trust, a full understanding of the processes involved and the commitment they need for maintenance.

Outsource to focus on raising standards of oral health, by empowering people to choose quality, conservative treatment and learning the behaviours that will keep it stable and beautiful for many years.

So, how and what to outsource? You need to find a partner who is on the same page, shares your values and is genuinely invested in helping you do things better with a collaborative approach.

In addition, you want to outsource to a company who is just as focused on your patients as you are.

Active participant

You don’t want hidden costs or concerns with traceability, either, also worries about data security. One example of how practices can outsource, to enjoy the benefits of digital treatment planning and manufacturing, is the Smile in a Box system from Straumann.

This flexible concept can motivate patients to say ‘yes’ to life-changing implant therapies, and be an active participant in their journey.

Because it is modular, practices get help when they need it, whether it’s a single, multi-tooth or full-arch case, and with case submission and treatment delivery completed in your practice, you will enjoy the benefits of digital technology without the outlay.

Once patient data is uploaded, treatment planning, the surgical guide also restorative design and production can all be outsourced and you will receive all the components packed in one box, for one delivery’

Outsourcing can help your practice to grow and do things faster, often cheaper. Outsource to access high-tech systems that allow patients to actively participate in their journey, and see clearly their how they will get from A to B.

Selective outsourcing facilitates tailored treatment, as well as freeing up resources to elevate every element of the service you offer.

For more information, visit www.smileinabox.com.


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