Helix Grand Morse – the versatile solution for all implant cases

Helix Grand Morse – the versatile solution for all implant cases

When planning for implant therapy in demanding cases, it is important to consider the best way to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible.

In challenging clinical situations, ensure you choose an approach which preserves as much crestal bone as possible, and that you have the products you need to achieve this.

By doing so, you will encourage stability and produce more aesthetic outcomes, which are particularly important in the anterior zone. This will drive patient satisfaction, as it helps to meet expectations for highly aesthetic, long lasting dental restorations.

The Helix Grand Morse implant system from Neodent, a Straumann Group brand, is a versatile solution that is designed to maximise treatment options, offering stability and efficiency in all bone types.

The Helix GM implant delivers excellent outcomes in all indications, enabling clinicians to tailor treatment in each specific clinical situation.

Respect for bone anatomy

The Helix GM combines a fully tapered body design with a hybrid outer contour. The outer contour is designed for stability, it is cylindrical at the coronal part and conical towards the apex.

This unique design allows for flexibility in vertical implant placement which helps to preserve crestal bone structures – this is essential for producing successful outcomes, particularly in the anterior zone where aesthetics are a priority.

Its innovative design makes it appropriate for immediate engagement, and offers excellent primary stability in various clinical situations including demanding cases where you may be treating sites with soft bone, fresh extraction sockets and converging root tips, or when you are undertaking immediate placement and immediate loading.

The implant also helps to simplify the workflow during both the surgical and restorative stages of treatment as the Helix GM is available in a range of diameters, allowing you to tailor treatment to your patient in each case.

Designed for immediate loading and long-term success

The Grand Morse implant system was designed from the inside out, paying attention to the structures in the core of the implant – the prosthetic interface.

Grand Morse implants are designed to make restorative procedures more efficient, with the ability to offer mechanical strength, as well as versatile prosthetic solutions. The connection consists of a combination of elements designed to achieve long-lasting stability.

  • Platform switching is enabled as it is designed for an abutment which is narrower than the coronal area of the implant. This aims to prevent crestal bone loss, imperative for long-term success and stability
  • Internal indexation encourages precise abutment positioning as well as protection against rotation and improved ease of use
  • Its deep connection allows a large contact area between the abutment and the implant. This encourages optimal load distribution
  • The 16° morse taper connection is designed to ensure there is a tight fit.

The Helix GM implant also features a Neodent Acqua hydrophilic surface – developed to achieve successful outcomes across all indications including in soft bone or immediate protocols.

The hydrophilic surface accelerates osseointegration and increases the contact between the bone and the implant surface – integrating 2.24 times faster than implants with porous surfaces.

The implant is suitable for your completely edentulous patients too. The Helix GM is compatible with the Neo Arch a fixed full-arch solution that enables you to immediately restore both natural looking aesthetics and function – boosting patient satisfaction and quality of life.

Both single unit and full-arch reconstruction is made possible when you use the Helix GM.

Provide patients with excellent outcomes

Meet your patients’ expectations by delivering aesthetic results. In respecting the individual bone anatomy, and choosing products which aim to preserve strength and structure, you provide patients with a long-lasting restoration and an aesthetic outcome.

Provide your patients with excellent functional and aesthetic results, achieved in short treatment times, thanks to the Helix GM implant ease of use and suitability for immediate protocols and across bone types.

For more information, please visit www.straumann.com/neodent.

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