Mentor-based training to double your Invisalign cases

Mentor-based training to double your Invisalign casesDr Teki Sowdani has launched a training umbrella to provide the career pathway and support he wished he had had as an associate.

One of dentistry’s nice guys, Teki is celebrating a highpoint of his career. His London practice, close to the grounds of his beloved Arsenal, has reached Diamond Apex Invisalign Provider status, he has a year-long waiting list, and has become Instagram famous (@teeth_by_teki) with a following of 71k.

His Teeth by Teki patients and followers love his ‘quality with kindness’ messaging and his mantra of ‘no filing, no drilling, no damage. Just nice, white natural teeth’.  He has also been entrusted to treat the mouths of innumerable celebrities. This includes footballer Rio Ferdinand and his wife Katie.

Now the softly spoken and understated dentist has taken the next step in his upward trajectory. He is formalising the support he has been asked to provide for innumerable ambitious young dentists, through to CEOs of dental groups, keen to learn his secrets and emulate his stellar rise.

Quality time

He has just announced the launch of Teki Training which offers the sort of support he wished he had had. He says: ‘Teki Training is not your traditional training model, so it is hard to categorise it: The training I offer is an umbrella term.

‘It includes one-to-one hands-on Invisalign, bonding and whitening clinical skills sessions. But also opportunities to spend quality time in the practice shadowing me and my team.

‘However, I am also providing mentoring, sharing concrete advice from people who have helped me, on-going support, and developing an empathetic community of like-minded young dentists.’

Dr Teki and his business partner, Alice Burt, set up Teki Training as a reaction to their personal experiences in dentistry. Alice had spent six years with Align Technology, assisting dentists with business growth and seeing first-hand the challenges they are facing, primarily the lack of support.

Initially she helped Teki launch the Teeth by Teki clinic in Islington, helping it grow rapidly to double its initial size. They believe it is their different approaches which have contributed to their success. It has resulted in a doubling of Invisalign case numbers within the first year.

This necessitated the acquisition of two more consulting rooms in next door premises to accommodate the increased demand. They gained immeasurable experience during this period. Now, they feel ready to share this with other dentists.

Map out career

Dr Teki says: ‘Teki Training is about bringing mentor-based training for dentists to help them progress in their careers. When I was going through the journey as a young associate to where I am now, there were so many times when I wished I had the support and expertise of others.

‘So I really wanted to find a way to support young dentists who are going on this journey of discovery and find themselves at a crossroads. There are so many clinical training programmes out there. But once the course is over, delegates are left without the skills or confidence to put the learnings into practice. So I have stepped in to guide them and hold their hands as they transition and to help them map out a career pathway depending on where they are in their journey.’

Teki adds: ‘I also want to showcase that it is possible to achieve a high level of quality, and do so with kindness…kindness to patients, to colleagues, to team members. I think you get the patients you deserve because you’re lovely and you create relationships with them.

‘I also believe you can create the same relationships with dentists you work with. Show them kindness. Hopefully a new generation of dentists will be imbued with a new caring ethos. I am proud to be spearheading this.

‘I think one of my biggest strengths is knowing what my weaknesses are, so I can play to my strengths. And being authentic is also another thing I hope singles me out. I just want to pass the baton onto others and show them there is another way.’

Personal approach

One of his early mentees Dr Priya Gaind said: ‘I would 100% recommend this form of training. There are so many reasons why but I think the most important thing is that the training cohort is small. I get to ask all the questions I want and I think that is invaluable, especially on a course where you do practical things.

‘I feel like I am ready to take the next step forward in my Invisalign journey. But I also feel like I have people behind me holding me up, which is a really nice feeling.’

Dr Raf Cedrola said: ‘What makes training with Teki so good is that it’s very personal. Teki and the whole team are there focused on you. It’s really awesome. I can’t wait to do more!’

Another beneficiary, Dr Rahul Makwana adds: ‘Teki is very personable, there is no ego. He is very open and candid about everything he does. I wish I did this training five years ago – I’m still glad I’ve done it now.’

Dr Teki Sowdani will be lecturing about Invisalign for Align Technology at the Dentistry Show on 7 – 8 October at Excel London. He has a Teki Training stand – G34 – at the show.

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