Following the periodontal therapy workflow

Acteon introduces its four-step periodontal therapy workflow and explains how Acteon products can help in your practice.

At Acteon, we believe in science, and we believe in you. We are the only company to have a full product solution to support your periodontal therapy workflow for the most successful treatment outcomes.

  • Diagnose > discuss > treat > review
  • Bliss > soprocare > ultrasonics > air polishing
  • Reputable > affordable > reliable > maintainable.

Bliss hand instruments

Elegant, comfortable, sharp. Use the Bliss mirror handle and Pure reflect mouth mirror. Along with the UNC12 or UNC15 probe, they will help you diagnose and record.

Soprocare intraoral camera

Use the perio mode to digitally disclose the patient (no need for disclosing solutions or tablets).

Communicate the findings with the patient in the most effective way. Increase treatment acceptance by showing them instant images on a screen.

Create a home care report with images for successful engagement and understanding.

Newtron ultrasonics

Patented, gentle and with an extensive range of tips for all prophylaxis and periodontal treatment needs.

Newtron works effectively in even the lowest of power settings for the most sensitive patients.

Add warm water to the tank of the P5XS or P5XS B.LED and the blue light technology of the B.LED devices turns our Flag disclosing solution fluorescent, for a faster and more effective treatment.

Air N Go low abrasive air polishing

Perfect for biofilm disruption and stain removal.

Use the gentle glycine perio powder for treatment and maintenance of periodontal pockets and implants without the risk of damage to the soft tissues.

Great for use at step one and four of the BSP treatment guidelines.

Watch our video to find out more. Contact us today for a no obligatory demonstration or trial of any of our products.

Constantly moving forward to adapt to you.

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