Reviving career goals with guided biofilm therapy

guided biofilm therapyLaura Bailey shares with readers why and how she came back from a break from clinical dentistry with renewed vigour, thanks to the game-changing guided biofilm therapy protocol.

Why had you felt the need to leave clinical practice?

It was a combination of things. Firstly, it was a little bit of burnout. I used to see a lot of patients in a day and was quite time pressured. If it was a half-hour appointment, I’d work up to the 29th minute and then I’d have literally a minute to do everything else. I also struggled to make headway with patients. I just felt like I wasn’t getting through to them.

Also, I felt like with the ultrasonic I was using, the hand scaling was affecting my back, which hurt, and I couldn’t see properly after a time.

I realised that if I continued, I wouldn’t be giving the best to my patients. So, I knew that I had to step away and just take a breath and reset.

What was next for you career-wise?

I completely stopped clinical dentistry and started working with a company that had an extensive portfolio of oral health products. I was working with them on how to get in touch with hygienists, how to communicate the clinical benefits, the efficacy, all of that. So, I was still using my hygienist knowledge, but I wasn’t working chairside. It was really good for me, especially the new things I was learning about, such as the role of biofilm and how various products can affect it.

What then drew you back into clinal practice?

My break was actually only a year in the end. What drew me back in was Instagram! I know that sounds a bit crazy, but a lot of my colleagues were starting to mention guided biofilm therapy (GBT) on Instagram, and I was so excited by it.

It seemed to me GBT offered hygienists and therapists something better, as well as something more to patients. Not just that, but also there was an element to GBT that allowed you to market yourself and grow a business around it. I’d seen the power and pull of that myself on Instagram. I feel like I’m quite entrepreneurial and the idea of building my own brand really excited me.

How did you make your comeback?

I went back to my old boss, because I had worked at his practice for six or seven years and we were on really good terms. It’s an amazing practice and he was happy to have me back.

I didn’t think I could spring GBT on him straight away, so I settled myself back in and over a couple of months created a plan that would show him the clinical and business benefits of GBT.

He was always open to new ideas that had an evidence base behind them and that were financially viable, so I felt positive about approaching him. I told him all about it, and that I would need a nurse to do things properly, and he said he trusted me, and to go for it!

Nowadays EMS, the company behind GBT, offer support for anyone looking to persuade their team that the protocol is for them. You can invite an EMS rep for a demo. So, if you can convince your principal that it’s worth setting aside 90 minutes to meet with an EMS rep, they can do the rest in a pressure-free environment. There’s now also The Hygienists’ and Therapists’ Support Guide to Introducing GBT to your Dental Practice, which has all the answers, plus a form to calculate the cost of implementation (both available at

How has GBT changed the practice’s hygiene offering?

Previously, patients knew they needed to visit me every six months but there was no real context for them. Now it is an integral part of the patient journey, and they understand that what I do is the foundation of everything.

Patients love GBT so much that they happily come in every three to four months, so without even getting any new patients in you’ve doubled your turnover.

More importantly, they are taking the educational element on board and their oral health is getting better and better each time I see them.

If you would like further details about what EMS Dental has to offer dental professionals in the UK, please visit

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