Dental news you’ve missed this week

Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days…

CQC now requires registration from remote orthodontic providers

Providers of remote orthodontic devices now have to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in order to legally practise

Providers of remote orthodontic devices now have to register with the CQC. In the latest move against direct-to-consumer orthodontics, providers are now subject to registration and therefore inspection. Since the launch of Smile Direct Club, there’s been a lot of talk about how to protect patients and ensure dentistry is provided by dentists. But nobody in the UK has been willing to put their stake in the ground. This is the first move to keep companies like Smile Direct Club in line. We wait to see what will happen if providers don’t adhere to the CQC’s rules, but at least now there are consequences.

Weight loss dental device that prevents mouth opening designed to tackle obesity

The weight loss market is worth billions with more and more extreme methods helping to control consumption of high-sugar foods. The latest product is a dental device that prevents patients from opening their mouth. It uses magnets and locking bolts (seen above) so patients can only open their mouths 2mm wide. Ultimately, weight loss and diet change comes down to lifestyle choices. Devices like these are not changing those choices, instead they are just stopping when somebody can consume food. As soon as the device comes off, the patient can continue with their previous lifestyle and put the weight back on. In my opinion, this will do little to combat an obesity crisis.

Secrets to Success with Dr Kyle Stanley

Kyle Stanley

The next Secrets to Success article is out! This week Jana Denzel speaks to Kyle Stanley about his life in dentistry and how he has become an advocate for mental health in the profession.

How does oral health impact patients’ fertility levels?

Rachael Lilley discusses fertility and how oral health can have a significant impact on the success rate of fertility treatment

Oral health is linked to all kinds of conditions, from heart disease to dementia. But there are also signs that it affects fertility rates. Rachael Lilley explains why she believes a comprehensive gum health assessment is an essential part of the fertility journey. Even making patients aware of potential links could be hugely motivational.

The NHS to Private Dentistry Show

the nhs to private dentistry show

Yesterday was The NHS to Private Dentistry Show. But if you’ve missed it, don’t worry. From next week, all the lectures are available On Demand. The leading speakers will walk you through the future of NHS dentistry and also explain how to make the transition to private dentistry.

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