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dental ergonomicsKirsty Hague explores the role of ergonomics in helping clinicians get back on an even keel and prepare for a healthier and successful future, come what may.

Dental practices are remarkable places, like no other healthcare setting or service-oriented industry.

Balancing the two is no mean feat. And yet, it is something that dental teams manage to do each and every day to the highest possible standards.

Of course, the last few months have thrown unprecedented challenges our way. Everyone has worked hard to overcome them in line with guidance and regulations.

Despite presenting patients with a reassuring public face, that isn’t to say that it has all been easy to achieve or stress-free.

We don’t know what the future may hold regarding COVID-19, but there are some things that we can address now to take the stress out of other areas of practising dentistry, to reduce the net stress level and support clinicians in preparing for a healthy and successful future.

Ergonomics is key

An important part of that is working to eliminate physical stresses on the body that hours of providing clinical treatment in an unnatural position can cause.

At Hague, we consider the layout of the practice as paramount when it comes to providing the ultimate in comfort for the dental team. As well as a comfortable and stress-free patient journey.

The vast majority of dental clinicians experience musculoskeletal pain at some point in their careers. Predominantly manifesting as back, shoulder, neck and/or wrist and hand pain (Lietz, Kozak and Nienhaus, 2018). This is incredibly debilitating – not only physically but also mentally.

The ergonomics of the equipment you use will play a very significant part in whether you suffer from any or all of these aches and pains.

For example, does your operatory chair have a:

  1. Double articulated headrest to maximise vision to difficult areas of the oral cavity?
  2. Slim back profile so the clinician can get very close to the patient without the backrest blocking access to the patient’s head?
  3. Removable head rest for young children. So their heads can rest on the back cushion allowing full support for the child’s spine. But still giving the clinician easy access?
  4. Armrests that the clinician can move out of the way so they have better access?

If your dental chair does not allow you to get close enough to the patient while maintaining a healthy posture, preventing pain and discomfort, you need to consider your options going forward.

Dental stools

We can say the same for the dental stool. As stated by A-dec – an ergonomic and comfortable dental stool is the foundation of pain-free and healthy practice.

The A-dec 500 stool, for example, has three layers of flexible seating to conform to your every shift and move. Four performance zones facilitate good blood flow to the legs. As well as positioning the lower lumbar for healthy upper body posture.

Not only that, the dynamic seating system helps your spine maintain a healthy S-shape. This reduces stress on the joints and spine and provides better circulation for your feet and extremities.

Make the effort and investment now to improve ergonomics and reduce the stresses on your body. It will undoubtedly pay dividends in the future.

We’re here for you…

If you are thinking about buying a new dental chair or stool for your surgery, please visit for further information. You can also talk to one of our experts. Please email [email protected] or call Hague Dental on 0800 298 5003.

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Modern, inspiring and perfectly designed for efficient workflow. Now it could be yours. Just picture the possibilities and enter. Good luck!


Lietz J, Kozak A and Nienhaus A (2018) Prevalence and occupational risk factors of musculoskeletal diseases and pain among dental professionals in Western countries: A systematic literature review and meta-analysis. PLoS One 13(12): e0208628

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