The hygienist’s blog – are hygienists and therapists well placed for facial aesthetics?

the hygienist's blog toothpasteClaire Berry explores the world of facial aesthetics in this months column, asking – are hygienists and therapists well placed for facial aesthetics?

Well as a facial aesthetics practitioner, it’s a resounding yes from me! And with so many others entering the field of aesthetics what is it that draws us towards it?

It felt like a natural progression to move into aesthetics and carry this out alongside my dental career.

After all, my anatomy knowledge of the head and neck is going to surpass most other professions outside of dentistry (it is our area of expertise).

With our experience of intra-oral injecting and the need for us as an industry to know the ins and outs of every nerve and blood vessel in the head and neck, as well as the hours of intense learning about all the muscles and their mode of action along with all the other structures found from the shoulders up… I’d say we are extremely well placed in this arena.

A life in facial aesthetics

Practice owners are starting to recognise this. We notice more wanting to work alongside their hygienist and therapist in order to bring aesthetics to their practice.

What is also fantastic to see is hygienists and therapists working in this field alongside their dental career. And creating a really successful business for themselves.

Trust me, this is not easy and takes real drive and determination. But it’s something to call your own and makes your work life more varied.

I am proud of all my dental/aesthetics colleagues. Running an aesthetics business is not easy. Although we love it and as a collective we stand together and support one another.

For a while now there are hygienists and therapists moving from aesthetics practitioners into carrying out aesthetics training as well.

I have dental colleagues on my hands on courses, online courses and purchasing my Lipxpert book. As well as medical professionals from other industries.

How do you know if it is for you?

You need to first decide if you will work from the dental centre or from another setting.

You need to establish how this will work with the owner.

I know people training in aesthetics without this in place, only to find that the length of time it takes to establish themselves at a location is lengthy.

Are you ready to own a business?

You will need to put the hours in and market your services and always work to get the patients in.

Of course, over time, word of mouth will help you. But until then you will be on social media (#freeadvertising) a lot.

In which case it helps if you have a supportive spouse or partner! It’s not fun watching a film with someone answering enquiries the whole way through (apparently…if you ask my other half)!

A life of learning

Fillers are a medical device, so we can purchase that with an account. But toxin is a POM so you will have to establish a working relationship with a prescriber.

It’s best to have this in place before you train in aesthetics.

Prepare to spend a lot on training.

In fact once you start, you will want to keep learning. A lot can go wrong in aesthetics and so committing to a life of learning will help you become a safe, skilled and confident injector.

I have spent thousands getting to where I am today. I am sure there are people who have spent even more.

You will always invest in your training and in your business. That said, investing in yourself, your business and self improvement is money well spent.

I never regret a moment of training in aesthetics. Especially as I have the chance to train people now. Which is something I love to do.

I champion dental hygienists and therapists in aesthetics.

If you want any further information about moving into an aesthetics career, or about my ebook and courses then please get in touch.

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