Win Apple AirPods with the Colgate five-day biofilm challenge

Colgate is offering you the chance to win Apple AirPods, simply by taking part in its five-day biofilm challenge.

During lockdown with practices shut, many patients were forced to take oral care into their own hands. Ensuring patients use the right toothpaste at home to maintain their whole mouth health has never been more critical.

Over five days (17-21 August 2020), Dentistry Online’s social media accounts will publish a new one-minute video from Colgate at 9am. The videos will cover how to achieve superior biofilm control, leading to whole mouth health. Colgate will then ask viewers five questions. Once filled in, viewers will automatically be entered into the prize draw to win a pair of Apple AirPods.

The videos will cover:

  1. Biofilm and the challenges of biofilm control
  2. Colgate Total – mode of action
  3. Delivery penetration and retention of zinc
  4. Reduction of biofilm mass
  5. Sustained inhibition of bacterial growth.

This is an innovative and interactive opportunity to remind dentists and dental professionals about some of the basics of achieving whole mouth health#. And in the meantime, viewers have the opportunity to win a pair of Apple AirPods*!

Colgate Total

Effective biofilm control will help stabilise the periodontal health of patients (NHS Standard Operating Procedure – Transition to Recovery). Colgate Total with dual zinc and arginine provides sustained inhibition of bacteria regrowth after 12 hours (Colgate data on file).§, † 

The short one minute videos will cover the challenges regarding biofilm control and how dual zinc and arginine technology can help.

Watch the first video below.

Make sure you check back on Dentistry Online’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin at 9am for each day’s video this week.

*Terms and conditions –

#Defined as teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums.

†Colgate Total provides superior in-vitro delivery, penetration, and retention of zinc through arginine technology for biomass reductions versus zinc control toothpaste.

§Bacterial biofilms imaged after one treatment with either non-antibacterial fluoride toothpaste or dual zinc and arginine toothpaste slurry followed by a 12-hour regrowth period.

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