Taking a fresh approach to dental implants

Anthogyr introduces the Axiom dental implantsAnthogyr introduces its range of Axiom Multi Level dental implants, that offer maximum flexibility with bone and tissue level implants.

Anthogyr solutions add value and give clinicians greater opportunities to build their implant practices. The Axiom Multi Level is the latest product range to come from the company’s extensive research and development team. For maximum flexibility, it facilitates both bone level (BL) and tissue level (TL) implant treatment protocols.

Clinical freedom

The Axiom BL and Axiom TL implants offer a new standard of clinical freedom. They are compatible with a wide range of surgical and prosthetic solutions, so practitioners can tailor treatment according to each individual patient.

For example, the parallel-sided REG profile is ideal when placing implants into healed sites. While the tapered PX profile may be better suited to immediate implant placement and low density bone. For complete peace of mind, the Axiom Multi Level from Anthogyr supports a digital workflow with the leading Simeda CAD/CAM solutions. The Inlink connection enables angulated screw access for improved flexibility and aesthetics in even the most demanding anterior cases. The Axin titanium base further enhances aesthetic outcomes by closely emulating the profile and appearance of a natural tooth.

What’s more, a selection of components is available to support both conventional and digital impression and temporisation techniques, allowing every clinician to work in their preferred way.

Axiom TL

The Axiom TL features a soft tissue favouring design with an anatomically-shaped implant neck. This promotes soft tissue growth and stabilisation of the epithelium for long-term success.

The implant design also provides a seal at bone level, which significantly reduces the risk of bacterial infiltration and consequently, the risk of peri-implantitis. Ensuring surgical and prosthetic convenience, the Axiom TL allows for a one-step surgery and a simple restorative workflow.

Axiom BL

It achieves a high biological integration with a morse taper and sealed internal conical connection. Platform switching encourages the development of a gingival sleeve, supporting stability of both the hard and soft tissues. The threaded implant neck optimises bone attachment and preserves the cortical bone. Expanding treatment options even further, the Axiom BL 2.8 implant provides an ideal single-unit solution for restoring narrow mesiodistal spaces.

Excellence recognised

The Axiom Multi Level from Anthogyr is one of several industry-leading solutions within the Straumann Group. All products and systems are renowned for their quality and reliability, helping clinicians achieve outstanding implant outcomes in both simple and challenging cases, as well as everything in between. These are complemented by training and customer service that is second-to-none. This ensures practitioners have everything they need to meet ever-increasing patient expectations. It’s no wonder that the Straumann Group has built a reputation as a comprehensive solution provider in the field.

For more information on the industry-leading Anthogyr solutions from the Straumann Group, please visit www.straumann.com.

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