Learning on lockdown

EMS webinarScott Rogers explores the learning opportunities available to dental professionals during these unprecedented times.

Live webinar, 9 April 4pm (UK time)

What’s new in prophylaxis? An introduction to the concept of guided biofilm therapy (GBT)

With Swiss Dental Academy trainer Faye Donald.

Continuing EMS’ series of exciting and informative webinars organised specifically for this challenging period, this hour-long event will offer insight into the benefits of GBT, how to use it, and the impact it is having on both clinicians and patients worldwide.

To join the webinar, simply go to www.swissdentalacademyonline.com and register free of charge.

The first Facebook live, with Jules Fisher and Denver Baxter (which you can now view at www.facebook.com/emsdentaluk/) was incredibly well received. The EMS team looks forward to more of those. As well as informal chats with colleagues and GBT friends on both Instagram and Facebook. EMS will bring that sense of community a little closer and offer greater support in these difficult times.

When the nation was essentially put on lockdown in March, there were many questions to be asked and answered. There were the day-to-day challenges of children being at home. The availability of food and how to look after the most vulnerable in our society. These, perhaps, were the three that initially popped into many people’s minds.

Now we are past the initial shock and we are establishing a new routine of sorts. There begs the question of how we can use our ‘down-time’ effectively. For dental professionals, there may be a very important role still to play within the NHS machinery. But if you do find yourself at a loose end or needing some mental stimulation, there are still some fantastic enhanced CPD opportunities available.

Current expectations

Keeping up with enhanced CPD expectations may be a concern for you. However, the good news is that the General Dental Council (GDC) is issuing guidance on its expectations.

You can find this guidance at https://bit.ly/2wJ6YUH. I would issue a caveat that this is probably subject to change. So do keep checking back on the GDC’s website.

In a nutshell, the guidance reassures GDC registrants that there is a lot of flexibility built into the five-year cycle. For example, it is acceptable to submit a return of zero hours, if you recorded 10 or more hours the previous year. So, the GDC suggests, the place to start is to check whether there is an immediate shortfall.

The GDC states: ‘We will look sympathetically at the circumstances of anybody who is still left with a shortfall for the declaration due this year. Of course, there are options other than face to face CPD… But to be absolutely clear; nobody will be removed from the register because of a lack of access to CPD during the crisis period.’

Hopefully, this will allay many of your worries about accruing hours. However, on a more emotional level I would suggest there is merit beyond ECPD time accumulation in terms of mental health.

Indeed, the NHS website states that learning new skills can improve your mental wellbeing by:

  • Boosting self-confidence and raising self-esteem
  • Helping you to build a sense of purpose
  • Helping you to connect with others.

Distance learning

EMS is renowned for being at the forefront of dentistry. It is focusing its cutting-edge know-how on engaging with dental professionals to help add to their skillset in these challenging times. For example, it has just launched platforms on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-the-minute – find EMS at @emsdentaluk.

EMS has a proven track record with its educational arm. In fact, the company won the ‘Brand of the Year’ category at the most recent Dental Industry Awards for Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT). This exchanges traditional ‘scale and polish’ methods for a revolutionary system. It offers a lifetime of pain-free and fear-free oral health care for all ages. This is possible, in part, by the incredible work done by the Swiss Dental Academy trainers over the last few months on training days.

Of course, for the time being these courses are unavailable. However, that is no barrier for EMS, with its webinars, both live and on-demand. Topics available right now at www.swissdentalacademyonline.com include:

  • ‘Slaying the dental implant dragon with 21st century GBT methodology’ – designed to educate the whole dental team on the stages of GBT
  • ‘The new approach for reaching peri-implantitis’ – considering that although implant surface decontamination is challenging, new air powders and perio tips systems have been suggested as an alternative debridement method
  • ‘The business model and profitability of prophylaxis’ – encouraging dental hygienists/dentists who see themselves as clinicians, educators, patient advocates, and even feel like therapists, do not shy away from the business of dentistry.

In addition, EMS has a scientific library at www.ems-dental.com. All you need to do is register to access evidence-based information free of charge. EMS is still adding data to the library, with 2020 seeing the publication of collaborative efforts covering:

  • Clinical and microbiological effect of frequent subgingival air polishing on periodontal conditions: a split‑mouth randomised controlled trial
  • Effect of air-polishing on surface roughness of composite dental restorative material – comparison of three different air-polishing powders
  • One-stage full mouth instrumentation (OSFMI): clinical outcomes of an innovative protocol for the treatment of severe periodontitis.

Here for you

As market leaders in professional prophylaxis and prevention and a pioneer in modern biofilm management, EMS is dedicated to being at the forefront of science and innovation. Prevention is EMS’ vision for the dentist of tomorrow where non-surgical treatments and minimally invasive therapies are the main approach.

Working in close collaboration with leading clinics, universities, research institutes and opinion leaders, EMS is continuing to pursue a leading role in research and scientific evidence.

EMS commits to prioritising supplying clinicians with the latest scientific evidence and the most advanced technology. This will help attain the ultimate goal of prevention with GBT. And these exceptional times will be no barrier to the company’s efforts.

If you would like further details about what EMS Dental has to offer dental professionals in the UK, please visit  www.ems-dental.com.

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