Out of Africa – making a difference in Msambweni in Kenya

Sarah Childs talks about making a difference in Msambweni in Kenya.

For the small Kenyan fishing town of Msambweni, oral health remains a challenge for many local residents.

Helping to turn this around is dental hygienist and therapist Sarah Childs from Tupsley Dental Practice in Hereford. Sarah has volunteered her time for the last two years in a row with charity Etatu.


In her most recent trip in late 2017, Sarah’s efforts saw her reach out to people of all ages within the community. Helping to improve oral health and enhance quality of life. ‘My recent 10-day trip to Msambweni was part of a culture and wildlife educational trip with Hereford Cathedral School, organised by my partner in collaboration with UK charity, Etatu,’ explains Sarah. ‘For older students, it provides an opportunity to teach English, maths and science in local schools. As well as visit hospitals in the area to observe and gain first-hand experience of what it’s like working in a medical setting.

Some use the trip to contribute towards their Duke of Edinburgh award, and will stay with local families to learn about their culture and daily lives.

‘From a dental perspective, the charity Etatu had previously never had the opportunity to provide education. So when asked to go along in 2016 and invited back in 2017, I jumped at the chance. ‘A number of charities work together towards the same goal to improve oral health in deprived communities such as Msambweni.’

Improving standards

The charity Etatu founded in 2012 by Jacquie Lindgren to help improve the life-chances and standard of living of the inhabitants of Msambweni. Through raising achievement in school, building confidence and developing skills. Thanks to volunteers like Sarah, the scope of educational training has been…

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