Smiledirectclub’s chief clinical officer risks losing license to practise dentistry

smiledirectclubJeffrey Sulitzer, CCO for Smiledirectclub, risks losing his license after a two-year California dental board investigation.

The state accuses him of violating state law, defrauding state dental regulators and acting with gross negligence towards patients.

It also goes on to accuse Mr Sulitzer of ‘aiding and abetting’ Smiledirectclub in the unlicensed practice of dentistry.

‘We would like to correct the record on media reports that have surfaced today on the unfounded and untrue allegations made in the retaliatory accusation filed by the Dental Board of California against Smiledirectclub’s chief clinical officer Dr Jeffrey Sulitzer,’ a press release from Smiledirectclub says.

‘The State of California has licensed Dr Sulitzer, who has been in practice for more than 35 years, since 2003.

‘He continues to be in good standing with the state licensing bodies.

‘The baseless claims in the accusation are entirely without merit.

‘They were filed in direct retaliation to Smiledirectclub’s efforts to address the board’s prior wrongful conduct in failing to stop its investigator from threatening and intimidating customers and employees at Smileshops in California.

Who is Smiledirectclub?

Smiledirectclub offers plastic aligners, prescribed by dentists who review pictures, to help straighten patients’ teeth.

It claims it does not engage in the practice of dentistry, instead it connects customers with independent dentists.

A recent unrelated press release from the company highlighted how Florida’s dental board had closed its own investigation into Smiledirectclub.

‘We are pleased that the Florida Board of Dentistry has rejected and closed the American Association of Orthodontists’ complaint against Smiledirectclub,’ the press release says.

‘This verifies that Smiledirectclub is operating in full compliance with Florida law.

‘We do not engage in the corporate practice of dentistry through our operation of Smileshops or marketing activities.

‘Our company therefore seeks to cooperate with and provide information to state dental boards.

‘To educate their members as to how our teledentistry platform works.

‘And to demonstrate state-licensed dentists responsible for all aspects of clinical care.

‘It is therefore great to have the support of dental boards like the State of Florida Dental Board, who welcome the access to care that today’s technology and our platform creates.’

Launching in the UK

Smiledirectclub has received mixed reviews from the profession since launching in the UK last year.

The company plans to employ 300+ people in the UK, including dentists, orthodontists and dental nurses.

It also currently has 300 locations across the USA, Canada, Australia and Puerto Rico.

‘We’re confident consumers in the UK will embrace the ability to have access to affordable oral care,’ said Kay Oswald, president of international at Smiledirectclub, confirming the company’s commitment to expanding its UK business.

‘We therefore commit to investing into the UK market and have ambitious and exciting plans for our future here.’

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