GDC registration application fees introduced from 2020

GDC registration application fees being introduced in 2020GDC registration application fees are being introduced for unregistered dental professionals from 1 January 2020.

Accordingly, these new fees will apply to almost all applications for first registrations.

This move has contributed to the reduction in annual retention fee (ARF) announced earlier this year.

‘One of the central principles we apply when setting and charging fees is that the levels should primarily be determined by the cost of regulating each professional group,’ GDC executive director, registration and corporate services, Gurvinder Soomal, said.

‘One of the ways we do this is by minimising instances where registrants fund regulatory activity not generated by them, for example.

‘Therefore the introduction of this fee applies this principle to registration applications, and enables us to remove this cost from the ARF.’

GDC registration fees

Restorations and visiting EEA-qualified practitioners are however exempt from the new GDC registration application fees.

The GDC also highlights that applications to join a specialist list do not attract an application fee.

Consequently the new GDC registration application fees are as follows:

Band Processing fee Assessment fee Total fee
Registration as a UK qualified:

  • Dentist
  • Dental care professionals (DCP)
  • DCP title(s)
65% of all 2018 applications
£22.95 £0 £22.95
Registration as a dentist:

  • With an EEA qualification
  • Having passed the Overseas Registration Exam (ORE)
  • With a recognised overseas qualification.
9% of all 2018 applications
£22.95 £65.65 £88.60
Registration (requiring individual assessment) as a DCP with an:

  • EEA qualification
  • Overseas qualification
4% of all 2018 applications
£22.95 £506.25 £529.20
Registration as a dentist with a qualification requiring individual assessment

2% of all 2018 applications
£22.95 £662.40 £685.35
Registration (requiring individual assessment) of additional DCP title(s) with an:

  • EEA qualification
  • An overseas qualification
1% of all 2018 applications
£22.95 £453.40 £476.35
Registration as a temporary dentist £22.95 £79.30 £102.25

Future developments

The GDC recently announced its strategy for the next three years in Right time. Right place. Right-touch.

The dental regulator consulted on its plans earlier this year, receiving only 79 responses.

Following this the General Dental Council (GDC) has developed Right time. Right place. Right-touch and set its fees for the next three years.

‘The programme of work within Right time. Right place. Right-touch shows how the GDC intends to continue to improve its approach to achieving its statutory responsibilities of protecting the public and therefore maintaining public confidence in dental services,’ GDC chair, William Moyes, said.

‘Indeed, key to this is ensuring that complaints are dealt with in the right place, which is often in the surgery.

‘Over the last few years the GDC has had increasing success cooperating with stakeholders to achieve its aims.

‘This strategy shows how we plan to further develop our approach over the next three years.’

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