Introducing the Smile Revolution Podcast – the innovative dentistry podcast dedicated to promoting oral health

Victoria Wilson introduces her Smile Revolution Podcast, in association with Dentsply Sirona.

Calling all dental hygienists, therapists and dental professionals! Have you been searching for an informative, entertaining podcast that talks directly to your profession about all things concerning oral health promotion and career development? Then look no further.

The Smile Revolution Podcast, in association with Dentsply Sirona, is the brainchild of dental therapist Victoria Wilson. Spotting the potential and increasing popularity of podcasts on all manner of topics, Victoria realised there was an opportunity here for hygienists and therapists to learn and interact with their fellow dental professionals on the go, at any time. Her idea was to develop a podcast on all aspects of oral health and career development for clinicians to listen to and learn from other colleagues and take that knowledge forward to incorporate into their own career paths.

Victoria explains more about what inspired her to launch Smile Revolution.

‘I feel our profession has so many individuals doing incredible things, yet most of the time others may be unaware of what they’re doing. The idea of the podcast is for me to have an open, honest conversation to tap into people’s careers, the choices they’ve made and what they have learnt from their experiences to really inspire others.

‘I talk to colleagues who’ve made an impact on my career and on furthering oral health promotion in general. These conversations give a genuine insight into: what other colleagues have done well; what they’ve tried to do and maybe not succeeded in; and whether they’ve decided to change their career path for the better.’

Changing perceptions

‘As a profession we’re constantly doing all we can to ensure patients have a positive dental experience,’ Ms Wilson continues. ‘I want the podcast to be an additional tool that can help support clinicians in the challenges we face and in the long term have a positive impact on our profession and our patients.

‘Primarily the podcast is aimed at hygienists and therapists, but the content certainly applies to other dental professionals as well, especially dental nurses, dentists and even practice owners who want to learn more about how to best serve their patients and promote oral health.’

Support is key

‘Smile Revolution would not exist without my colleagues, my wonderful guests or without the support of Dentsply Sirona for which I am so grateful,’ Ms Wilson says. ‘They not only believed in my initial concept but they then helped to bring the podcast to fruition. Dentsply Sirona invest heavily in education and have a genuine interest in supporting the profession’s needs by listening to and working closely with us.’

Get in touch!

‘I’m so excited to be a part of Smile Revolution,’ Ms Wilson concludes. ‘I’m learning so much from it and I want all my fellow dental professionals to do so as well. I want to encourage anyone inspired by the podcast or who have things they want to hear more about to contact me – I would love to hear from them!.’

Read more about the Smile Revolution Podcast here and see some of the amazing feedback we have received from our listeners.

The Smile Revolution Podcast is free. Subscribe today at Also available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Tunein, Acast and Pocket Casts.

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To contact Victoria Wilson please email [email protected] or [email protected].


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