Going back to work after having a child

Returning to work after starting or growing a family can be an anxious time, but at Mydentist we have flexible opportunities available for parents who want to strike the right balance between work and family life.

Our resourcing and practice teams will work around you to help you return full or part time, or during selected hours that work around childcare.

At Mydentist we have an extensive support network for all of our clinicians when transitioning back into practice after a family including local clinical support managers and regional clinical directors to give guidance where needed.

Plus, our background teams such as our patient support, facilities, resourcing and finance teams take the headache out of running a practice and allow our clinicians to focus on what they do best – exceptional patient care.

Dr Sarah Weston joined Mydentist six years ago.

She is now a clinical support manager looking after 11 practices in East Anglia.

She returned to work part time before slowly returning to full-time hours as her children have grown up.

She now supports other mums and dads in her area returning to work after having children.

In the video above she discusses coming back to work and the benefits of the Mydentist support network for new parents.

Mydentist has clinical opportunities for dentists across the UK.

Visit mydentistcareers.co.uk for further information.

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