Colgate, in partnership with BDA Member Series, presents ‘Whole mouth health – periodontitis and caries prevention seminar’

Colgate hosted an exclusive ECPD seminar in partnership with the BDA Member Series at the BDA headquarters, London, on 21 June 2018.

Keynote speakers, Professor Paul Brocklehurst and Dr Rema Hamad, delivered an important message on whole mouth health and the prevention of periodontitis and caries as they explored translating latest evidence-based guidelines into practice.

Paul Brocklehurst – professor of health services research, Bangor University, presented on the topic of ‘Evidence-based dentistry and the challenges of its adoption into practice’.

Rema Hamad – general dental practitioner, Windsor Dental, Salford, provided an engaging presentation on ‘Delivering prevention into practice to achieve whole mouth health’.

Key take-outs from this informative session included:

  • An overview of the latest guidelines from the European Federation of Periodontology, the evidence generation process and how these can translate into clinical practice
  • Understanding the bacterial challenge of maintaining oral health and the benefits of using an antibacterial toothpaste for whole mouth health
  • Reviewing practice tools to help support patient engagement and responsibility.

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