Making implant dentistry simple

Situated just outside of Haifa, in full view of the Galilee Mountains, the global headquarters of MIS Implants is the epitome of a modern facility.

While the company’s mission statement is ‘make it simple’, the story of how MIS came to be a global powerhouse in implants is far more layered.

The story starts in a metal workshop back in 1988. The owner, Asher Peretz, upon being visited by an engineer and a dentist was asked to produce a titanium screw – using huge machinery to produce a tiny, primitive version of a dental implant.

Eventually, however, Asher was distracted by other parts of the business and chose not to develop the implant and further. It fell to Asher’s son, Doron, to realise the burgeoning demand for implants.

Meeting Doron, it is very clear he is a man understandably proud of his achievements. A former submarine navigator in the Army, Doron found himself in Cambridge before undertaking a course where he learned how to develop implants.

Alongside his brother, and with financial backing from the Hirsch family, Doron invested in expanding his father’s workshop in 1995, forming MIS as a result.

‘The strategy was quite straightforward,’ says Doron. ‘The idea was to produce a comprehensive range of implant systems, educate dental professionals on how to use them and to find the correct pricing position.’

These are the core principles that remain today, although the company has grown inexorably over the years.

MIS now employs more than 300 people, incorporating scientists, researchers and a full complement of quality control specialists at every stage of the process.

Its tactic of combining sales and marketing with the research department ensures a total commitment to innovation.

High level

The state-of-the-art facility works 24 hours a day, six days a week to produce more than one million implants a year. The company distributes globally, sending a wealth of premium quality implants, tools and kits, regenerative materials and digital solutions to more than 65 countries across the world.

Take for example the V3 implant. The system is the outcome of a high-level R&D process that has resulted in an implant that is simple, easy to use and offers enhanced functionality and performance. The V3 conical connection implant features built-in design characteristics that provide biological benefits for hard and soft tissues and promote better aesthetic results.

The Mguide guided surgery solution is another case in point. MIS has fully embraced the digital revolution occurring within implant dentistry, and the Mguide system makes life significantly easier for users.

From planning, through to 3D modelling and individually-designed patient-specific surgical templates, MIS is offering patients a full smile solution with its broad range of digitally guided surgery products.

Fun in the sun

This determination to live by the company’s watchword of simplicity extends to its educational line-up, too – which boasts some events and destinations that any company would be proud to have on its books.

Implant dentists from the UK who arrived in the Bahamas to join the fourth MIS Global Conference will attest to the quality of the experience – even before the scientific congress started.


The spectacular tropical playground of the Atlantis Resort, a large Las Vegas-style hotel complex, was the venue selected by MIS for its headline event.

The day before the main scientific programme was reserved for hands-on workshops and some serious real-time learning. There were five different workshops to choose from, ranging in topics from ‘Rehabilitation of the edentulous patient’ to ‘Three-dimensional implant planning and execution with guided surgery’, and lead by a group of international experts in their fields including Emilio Argüello, Moshe Goldstein, Yuval Jacoby and Vincent Fehmer.

After a great opening event with the Dire Straits Experience, followed by an impressive water lightshow and fireworks, the crowd was ready for the main scientific programme: a full day of engaging lectures from 13 different speakers, followed by discussions and the prize giving ceremony for winners of the clinical case competition.

The event closed with one final bash – a beach party leading to a night of drinks, dancing and letting loose in the island breeze of the Bahamas.

Energy and enthusiasm

The care and attention lavished on the global conference is typical of the company’s ethos. Speaking to the vice president of sales, Shlomi Magal, it becomes even more apparent why MIS is such an attractive company to work with.

‘We are a lean and mean organisation that makes decisions very fast,’ says Shlomi. ‘As soon as I visited MIS three years ago, I knew I wanted to work here. Everybody within the organisation is helpful and friendly, and walking around the building you get a real sense of the energy and enthusiasm.

‘There are a lot of implant companies out there, so it’s really important MIS differentiates itself. Ensuring we are good value for money, maintaining the “make it simple” mantra while continually investing in innovation to bring new products to our global network.’

For more information on MIS Implants, call 0208 912 5135, email [email protected] or visit

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